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May 5, 2014 01:02 PM

Group Brunch for 12+ and Babies

Hey Chowhounders! I'm going to be in Toronto in July and was hoping to organize a big get together brunch with friends (12+ and kids) on a Saturday/Sunday morning. I'm looking for preferably a private room but could be some other type of configuration.

I have contacted the Gladstone Hotel and the Drake Hotel. I’m leaning towards the Gladstone as there’s no minimum spend and the price per person is $25 (breakfast brunch w/ coffee etc.) which I think would be reasonable for each person to spend. Anyone have any other good ideas that might be in the same price range with enough capacity?

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  1. Celebrated a girlfriends birthday last week at The Oxley for brunch on a Sunday. There were around 20 ppl + children They have a private room upstairs, they did a fantastic job. Kept all bills separate , no min spend or set menu and the food and drinks were amazing. Highly recommend it for a brunch gathering.