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May 5, 2014 12:50 PM

Breakfast in Santa Barbara [The Shop Cafe]

DH and I stopped for breakfast at The Shop Cafe, 730 North Milpas, Santa Barbara (at de la Guerra Street). You place your order at the window, receive a number to place on your table, then they deliver your plates to you. (Pick up your utensils, napkins, and water on the way to your table.) There are windows so you can watch the kitchen staff cooking interesting combinations with way cool names. DH got the Rolex - two scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked tomato spread wrapped in Shopmade flatbread. (Dudley, the owner, advised the flatbread is a recipe from Uganda.) I loved In-Yo-Face - two poached eggs in thick-cut Shoptoast with bacon. A cappuccino and tea were great, too. Seating is outside and inside. There's a lively buzz and genuine foodiness about the place. Go there. . . and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the tip- getting mixed reviews locally, but always good to know a place to try that is also close to the SB County Bowl for a late lunch pre-perfomance meal. Worth checking out to see if they have finally hit their stride.

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      I've had a great eggs Benedict with avo breakfast there and a delicious pork belly sandwich for lunch. Cappucino's were not as good as Handlebar or French Press. It's a great spot. They close at 3, so a little early for Bowl events.