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Best Beef Chowfun in Boston Chinatown?

I plan to have dinner with a friend in Chinatown tonight.. I am having a hard time trying to decide where to go.. having a sudden urge for eat Beef Chowfun.. Who do you guys think has the best Chowfun?
Thank you for your help!

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  1. Overall, I love the food at Best Little Restaurant and I suspect that they make a great beef chow fun. If you go, they also make a delicious eggplant with garlic sauce as well as many other delicious dishes.

    1. I love Best Little Resto... In the former Super 88 food court in Allston Kantin makes a very good Beef Chow Fun.

      1. Best Little Restaurant is excellent for Chow Foon. Another version I like very much is at Great Taste Restaurant on Beach St.

        1. I really like the beef chow fun at China King.

          1. I believe there are 2 styles of Beef Chow fun- dry and wet. Which style have the ones been that you all have recommended?

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              wet is for chumps, gon chow or go home

              1. re: Luther

                I ask for dry... Is "gon chow, chow foon" the appropriate term?

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                  the Cantonese name of the dish, gon1 chow2 ngau4 ho4 乾炒牛河 is literally "dry fried beef (wide rice) noodle"

                  ho 河 is short for ho fun 河粉, the full name of the broad rice noodle used in the dish. "Chow fun/foon" has made it into the English lexicon but "chow ho" 炒河 (fried wide rice noodle) is how it's typically described in Cantonese.

                  I was just trying to make a silly pun

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                      stripey, i keep forgetting to ask this >>i know the msg debate is ongoing, but , when ordering at chinese restnts in boston, do i still need to say 'no msg plse' or is that a usage of the past?

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                        Who knows? MSG occurs naturally in so many foods, never bothered me.

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                          Even if you ask for that and even if they intend on honoring it, all it's going to mean is that they're not physically putting white powder (MSG, not cocaine) into the dish. It is likely that multiple ingredients they use contain MSG.

                          And that's ignoring the natural sources of glutamate as SG alludes to. It also ignores the MSG debate (which I think is asinine, but ....)

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                    Sounds like a good name for a rock band... Wet Foon and The Chumps...... So, L, what is the diff between them? the Wet has a cornstarch thickened beefy sauce?
                    and the Dry is stir fried with ___?

                2. In addition to BLR & China King, Winsor and Penang also know their way around the wok altho it's a bit like bbq in the variability of smoke factor on any given visit, with Penang being the worst culprit ... but when they're on, the wok hei is far & away the best (same applies to char kway teow).

                  (pictured: china king, penang, winsor)

                  1. I'm not sure where curryhound ever ended up, but this thread inspired Jenny Ondioline and me to forego our usual Shanghai chow mein at China King last night and try the dry-fried beef chow fun. BIG thanks to those who recommended it - it was delicious, as was the rest of our meal (scallion pancake, family style bean curd, and plain sauteed Chinese broccoli.) Between dinner and Eddie Izzard's terrific show at the Wang, it was a thoroughly successful night out.

                    We'll have to try BLR, Great Taste, and Penang for comparison!

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                      I too got it for lunch from China King the other day, and while the flavor was great, I found the beef brisket used in the chow foon was pretty tough....but am not sure if that's on purpose, as some cultures like chewy stuff?

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                        Might could be, but we didn't have that problem. Our beef wasn't especially tough. I mostly appreciated the fact that it was cut pretty small, and while it was plenty flavorful it didn't dominate the dish.

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                          Brisket is a tough cut. If it's cooked by stir-frying and it's not tough, it has been tenderized.

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                            THAT is for sure. But is it easy to i.d. brisket when it's cut up for stir frying?

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                          Thank you all for your recommendations.. Will definitely try BLR and China King soon. We ended up going to New Golden Gate before going to see Aziz Ansari ourselves :)

                          Loved the Dry Fried Beef Chowfun here.. the beef was very tender and flavorful.. The noodles were perfectly cooked and had a nice char! Couldn't have asked for more. We also had a couple of other dishes here.. Had the Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce and the Beef with Ginger Scallions Hot pot!! Just thinking about the meal is making me hungry again :P