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May 5, 2014 11:58 AM

Need help! Oahu and Big Island

Hi, a group of 5 foodies has descended on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Need restaurant recommendations near Pāhoa on the Big Island and within 30mins of Kaneohe on Oahu.

Anything interesting and unsual? Spam?

Anything traditional? BBQ, Taro/guava based?

Anything fresh and local? Food market, fish, seafood?

Appreciate any tips! Thanks!

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  1. Ken's Pancake House in Hilo! Near Kaneohe I usually stick to Plate lunch places.

    1. 30 minutes of kaneohe is much of the island
      in kaneohe, pah ke's chinese restuarant and dean's drive-in

      farmer's market's at windward mall wednesday afternoon and sunday daytime
      thursday 5pm night market in kailua

      1. The Hilo Farmer's Market has an exceptional array of tropical fruits for sale, or at least it did when I visited a few years back.

          1. (search!!!!!!!!!!)

            use keywords spam, taro, guava, bbq, farmers market, fish, seafood, kaneohe, kailua, honolulu, windward, north shore.

            for fresh and local try poke, hawaiian, local, grass fed beef, oysters (possibly our next big food crop here), kualoa ranch, plate lunch, pupus, volcano island honey, manago hotel, mac and cheese pancake, morning glass, otto cake.