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How would you round out this dinner for guests?

I found a great recipe for grilled salmon with bacon-corn relish served over a bed of spinach leaves. Would you serve that as-is or put something on the side? A crusty loaf of bread or...?

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  1. You could serve over rice, but if you don't want that, bread would be lovely.

    1. Maybe steamed or roasted new potatoes? Quinoa?

      If that portion was in front of me, I don't know if I would need anything else, but if you have hearty appetites, a starch on the side might go well.

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        Simple parsley potatoes would be elegant.

      2. I feel like its missing a carb despite the corn - (I know carbs are EVIL these days ;( but people are sometimes hungry.

        bread would be nice but you need a fat for the bread because the dish is not saucy or fatty and therefore un-dipable

        Rice perhaps - if plain rice is too dull perhaps a wild rice or quinoa pilaf

        a potato dish could be good as well - a sweet potato with the Salmon and corn would make a very N. American dish

        alternately a soup - butternut squash?

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          Pilaf for sure, but couscous is fast and easy.

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            II was thinking a soup as well. I would be happy with that alone, though, but a cup of soup and crusty bread and butter would be ethereal.

            Couscous also.

          2. Cornbread to go w/ the bacon corn relish. And because it's easy and delicious.

            1. If you're wanting to keep the meal on the lighter side, I would add bread or nice dinner rolls and use good quality butter.

              Save the calories for a smashing dessert! :-)

              1. Compound butter that marries with the fish- dill?

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                  Great minds think alike. LOLZ.

                  I;d pop a loaf of French baguette into the oven to warm or bake and serve sliced and warm with a complimentary flavored room temp compound butter.

                  It's the bacon in the corn relish and salmon together that does not compute for me. But I;d love to hear about the results.

                  And I keep both salmon and bacon on my menu all week long. Justy not together in the same dish. :-)

                  A Simple soup may work as well, but that dish is pretty robust re: flavors, so anything on the side should be simple in my eyes.

                  Good luck.

                2. plenty going for a main course, but you could do a light soup or such to begin. roast some carrots, whizz with some ginger and chicken stock. add a a few plops of hot sauce and salt and pepper. heat. gorgeous and a very easy starter.

                  1. How about topped with super-thin julienned fried potato sticks?

                    Like the ones here, on cod:

                    [you may have to wait for the pic to cycle through, but there are only 4 images]

                    1. Cous-cous? Can be seasoned in infinitely various ways according to the liquid used. With bacon-corn in the mix, I'd make it mild in a chicken-broth base, along with some very modest amounts of lemon zest, cayenne, thyme, a tablespoon or so of white wine, and a halved garlic clove (to be removed before serving). And salt, of course.

                      1. How about a nice Saffron Risotto Milanese? And some crusty bread.

                        1. Bread & Butter. ~~~ Wine ~~ Kick Ass D-zert!!

                          Have Fun!

                          1. A farro pilaf speaks to me. Ryeberry would be good too.

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                            1. It has a starch, it looks pretty on the greens and it would be enough for me. A nice wine to go with the salmon would be lovely.

                              1. A crusty artisan multi-grain bread with whipped honey butter.

                                1. Crusty whole grain bread with honey butter or something with yogurt (drawing a blank), maybe a pasta salad?

                                  1. IMO, it needs something else, either a salad & bread or some type of starch (I don't put corn in the same category as other starches or bread either, sorry)...quinoa, couscous would be lighter than a potato or even a rice pilaf would mesh.

                                    1. I'd suggest something starchy and slightly acidic to cut through the fattiness of the salmon and the bacon-corn relish.

                                      Perhaps a lemon dill couscous and some sauteed broccolini. These would add maybe 10 - 20 minutes to your cooking time; less, if you start the water for the couscous boiling while doing other things.

                                      1. Slaw? i like green apple & fennel with a lemon black pepper vinaigrette.

                                        1. Some sort of a potato dish, baked or mashed? Or possibly a salad or fries for the table so people can take if they want.

                                          1. How about some sliced merleton fried in a thin batter? Garnish with a slice of lemon or malt vinegar.

                                            A big hit with catfish in Louisiana.

                                            1. I'm liking the idea of a nice crusty french loaf. Also soup seems like a good bet. Maybe carrot or sweet potato soup?

                                                1. I think fried polenta cakes or perhaps quinoa with a light pest dressing would go well here. Looks great! The beauty of the quinoa salad is you could get that ready quite early, and make any gluten free guests very happy.

                                                  1. I'd be thrilled with this, and maybe some bread and butter, but if you want to go further, maybe a cauliflower gratin? It would add richness and creaminess without getting too carby.

                                                    These green chile cheddar drop biscuits could be nice, too: http://www.littlekitchie.com/2012/12/...

                                                    1. Let us know how many guests scrape off the relish and eat only the salmon. I'm always surprised by the number of picky eaters who don't like that type of thing.