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May 5, 2014 11:43 AM

How would you round out this dinner for guests?

I found a great recipe for grilled salmon with bacon-corn relish served over a bed of spinach leaves. Would you serve that as-is or put something on the side? A crusty loaf of bread or...?

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  1. You could serve over rice, but if you don't want that, bread would be lovely.

    1. Maybe steamed or roasted new potatoes? Quinoa?

      If that portion was in front of me, I don't know if I would need anything else, but if you have hearty appetites, a starch on the side might go well.

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      1. re: 4Snisl

        Simple parsley potatoes would be elegant.

      2. I feel like its missing a carb despite the corn - (I know carbs are EVIL these days ;( but people are sometimes hungry.

        bread would be nice but you need a fat for the bread because the dish is not saucy or fatty and therefore un-dipable

        Rice perhaps - if plain rice is too dull perhaps a wild rice or quinoa pilaf

        a potato dish could be good as well - a sweet potato with the Salmon and corn would make a very N. American dish

        alternately a soup - butternut squash?

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        1. re: JTPhilly

          Pilaf for sure, but couscous is fast and easy.

          1. re: JTPhilly

            II was thinking a soup as well. I would be happy with that alone, though, but a cup of soup and crusty bread and butter would be ethereal.

            Couscous also.

          2. Cornbread to go w/ the bacon corn relish. And because it's easy and delicious.

            1. If you're wanting to keep the meal on the lighter side, I would add bread or nice dinner rolls and use good quality butter.

              Save the calories for a smashing dessert! :-)