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May 5, 2014 11:37 AM

chicken cacciatore - with or without flour?

I'm making cacciatore on Tuesday evening and then reheating it on wed. night for a dinner party at our house. partly because of my work schedule but partly because I think these kind of things taste better the 2nd day.

I made it once long ago - and cannot remember if I lightly floured the chicken pieces when browning. any thoughts on this?

also..i was trolling different recipes and one goes so far as to soak some dried porcinis and then add those and the broth to the pot - but I worry it might become overwhelmingly mushroomy. (I'm doing quartered baby bellas and I love pieces of red peppers in also - I know some recipes leave the peppers out.)

thanks for your opinions.

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  1. I make cacciatore a lot.
    Yes, I lightly flour mine and brown in evoo.
    I add mushrooms if I have them, but I use fresh.
    Dried might be too strong.

    1. I don't use flour for this dish, but it is personal preference. I do use some dried mushrooms.

      1. air-dry the chicken pieces in the fridge overnight and you won't need the flour.

        i'd skip the dried mushrooms. if you want more umami add a parm rind or a few anchovies.

        1. I love porcinis and use them all the time, but they have an assertive flavor, whereas the creminis you are using do not.

          It's about your palate. If you really like porcinis use them

          1. My cacciatore chicken is lighly floured and use lots of fresh mushrooms, white wine and parsley. Agreed that it tastes so much better the next day, served with egg noodle pasta.

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              +1 on the white wine.

              Cous cous is especially good with it- soaks up the juices.