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May 5, 2014 10:41 AM

Best Italian in Westchester - close to Chappaqua

Looking for a place to go after High School Graduation - Many different people to try to please. Thank you!

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    1. What type of italian do you have in mind? what kind of meal are you looking for? Casual, red sauce??eclectic? Traditional old school?

      1. Another vote for Fortina. Also, Riviera in Pleasantville and Casa Rina in Thornwood - definitely old school and very good. We also really like Silvio's in Thornwood too and I've heard great things about Sergio's - also in Thornwood.

        1. I'd suggest Terra Rustica on North State Road,Briarcliff.

          or Spaccarelli's in Millwood

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          1. re: weedy

            What is it that people love so much about Spaccarelli's? Went a couple of times and was underwhelmed. This is not a CH dig, I really want to know.

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              I went to Spacarellis once and was not impressed. Very expensive, too.

              1. re: MisterBill2

                And my pet peeve - children were running rampant - running around the tables, playing. Sorry, way to expensive for that.

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  It's never been my experience there to see children much at all! let alone "running rampant", although obviously i can see why that could ruin your experience.
                  Our experience there is that the specials are almost always really, really good; even though the printed menu is kind of bog standard.

                  1. re: weedy

                    There was a group of about 12 seated right behind us - some kind of family get together. That's my luck - I seem to attract badly behaved kids!!!!

          2. Old school please but not covered in mozzarella. Thanks for the posts!

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              I like Nino's in Bedford Hills (NOT, Nino's in South Salem). Or there is Primavera in Croton Falls - 15 minute drive from Chappaqua.