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May 5, 2014 10:29 AM

Cafe Bizou Sherman Oaks for Mother's Day?

Going to a Family dinner at Cafe Bizou Sherman Oaks for Mother's day... not my choice. Will gladly go with a smile on my face. I have never been here. Any recommended dishes or am I screwed? Happy Mother's Day to all!

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  1. It's been a while since I've been there, and although I think the place is overrated, you're certainly not screwed. As I recall, the eggs benedict or any permutation thereof is always a safe bet. Pretty good cocktail, too.

    1. I think that going anywhere for a meal on Mother's Day is setting yourself up for disappointment. The only thing I have ever had at Café Bizou was the steak au poivre and it was just fine.

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        Thank you both! As always I will report back.

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          You may be the youngest person in the building.
          The food is never terrible, never memorable, serviceable might be an apt term.
          But the noise factor can be more than oppressive. Weather permitting, the rear patio might provide an option to obviate that issue.
          You might inquire regarding bringing your own wine.
          As I recall, their list is never anything more than serviceable - there is that word again.
          I live 4 blocks from the place, and have not been in 5 years, and plan on keeping it that way.

      2. Hi Weiner~
        We used to go often, it was the best place near where my husbands family lived and amazingly enjoyable for all.
        I've often had fish and pasta there on Sundays.
        Haven't been there lately, but remember
        going on Mother's Day. This year they have a special Mother's Day menu served from 11AM to 9PM.
        The menu is full of choices that may surprise you as a CH.
        Also a Lobster Fest menu is offered thru May 19; unfortunately it is not available on MD, but the existing menus are versatile and full of good ideas, and there just might be some lobster available if that is what you want.
        Let us know. You might even LIKE IT!

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        1. I see they have the Sand Dabs on the menu. Always a great choice!!!

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          1. You are definitely not screwed, and as Carter has pointed out, food is never terrible. Corkage is only $2. Enjoy with the family, I always order their bread pudding and chocolate cake for dessert.

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