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May 5, 2014 09:48 AM

Layer Cake in DT Fullerton - Great Ice Cream

Been meaning to try this place. Layer Cake is on the corner of Harbor and Commonwealth. It's right next to Fuoco but I never seem to save enough room for dessert until yesterday.

Layer Cake seems like Asian (likely Japanese owned) based on the selections on the menu and the plastic drink machine lid for boba like concoctions. They have a donkatsu sandwich on the menu and many of the desserts have Asian bent. There is a sign that says they use butter in all desserts and not shortening - which means let the desserts get too room temperature before eating.

Anywho, the ice cream is made in house and its delicious. The flavors they had yesterday were
cookies n milk
honey vanilla
lemon sorbet
salted caramel

The smores was really just a rich fudgy chocolate. It was excellent. The vanilla was delicious as well - the honey wasn't too prominent or over powering. I think this is the best ice cream I've found in North/Central OC. The cookies were also delicious. The best of the bunch was the snickerdoodle. Much softer and lighted than most cookies - almost like a mixture between a cookie and cake. The other cookies were denser in texture and more cookie like.

Downtown Fullerton is really stepping up its game lately with Fuoco, Burger Parlor and Layer Cake.

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  1. I looked at the menu for Fuoco, my son is moving to Fullerton. Spumoni AND Canolli!!!!!!

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    1. re: laliz

      I've never tried any desserts there but I can vouch for the pizza. It's as good as you'll find pretty much anywhere in LA/OC for true neapolitan pizza.

    2. I have to say, I have had multiple items from Layer Cake and they were all sub par. The banana cream pie was a huge disappointment, I mean below the level of Marie Callenders. The tres leches was okay but I have had much much better at panaderias for half the price.

      I have yet to try the ice cream simply from a marketing perspective, they are just fools. The ice cream is tucked away like an after thought and then they put lids on so you cannot even see what they look like.

      Coffee was above average.

      Last time I was in there the whole place smelled like hair chemicals from the salon next door. Definitely not appetizing.

      Every time I go to Layer Cake it is underwhelming.

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      1. re: A5 KOBE

        Everything looks good in the window but duly noted. The cakes and other pastries do seem very expensive. The ice cream was very good if you ever give it another try. Not Sweet Rose good but as good as I've had in OC.

        1. re: js76wisco

          It is worth a shot. The way the ice cream is marketed and presented has always thrown me off a bit.

      2. "Layer Cake seems like Asian (likely Japanese owned) based on the selections "

        According to a few blogs/articles, they are owned by a pair of indonesian sisters.