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May 5, 2014 09:33 AM

Portland restaurants

Any recommendations for restaurants in Portland, Maine - for dinner?

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  1. Lots. Price point? What type of food? Are you staying in town. If so where? You will also find many suggestions by searching this board. Many good things happening and several more on the way.

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      We are staying in town. We've received recommendations for Grace, Fore St., and Petite Jacqueline. We'll be there for 2 nights - which of these are better and are there others that are equivalent?

    2. Grace has good food but the real highlight is the space itself so I would recommend it for a drink if nothing else and the view of the space is best from upstairs. They have good cocktails and a small but interesting beer list.

      Fore Street is an excellent safe choice with exceptional food.

      Petite Jacqueline is also very good and I eat there fairly regularly (they do have a new-ish chef who's doing good things). That being said I've eaten at several Boston brasserie's that are just as good.

      Other choices include Hugo's or the towns newest hot spot, Central Provisions for small plates. Where I consider Fore Street to be like an Ivy League educated debutant, Hugo's and Central are more like the sexy exotic girl that everyone wants to be with at least once. Other really nice dinner options include 555, Emilista, Back Bay Grill, and another great small place, Piccolo.

      If you find yourself looking for something more casual or late night, Boda, Pai Men Miyake, Eventide Oyster Company are all worthy.

      Eventide Oyster Company also a real nice lunch option as is Pai Men Miyake for ramen and my favorite pork buns. Everyone will say Duckfat but they're closed right now for renovations.

      There are also some really nice gastro pubs, etc. This little list is really just the tip of our culinary iceberg. Enjoy!

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        Thanks very much bobbert, appreciate all this info.

        1. re: bobbert

          Nice suggestions, thanks.

          Do you know if Duckfat is still closed? We're heading up on Sunday, and like to stop by in the afternoon.

          1. re: winedude

            I was there today for lunch so they are open.

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            bobbert - what would you recommend for gastro pubs? I am local but just getting to know the food scene here.

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              When I think gastro pubs my 1st thought is East Ender followed closely by Little Tap House, Nosh and Infiniti. I've had great beer in all but IMHO I would probably give the food nod to East Ender. Even though not a gastro pub in the usual American sense, I also love Pai Men Miyake as they always have an interesting beer selection and I do love their food. Sort of a Japanese gastro pub. Anyway, for a real good combination of beer and food, these are probably my favorites this week. Next week could be different.

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                Thanks! Infiniti has been on my list to try but haven't been yet. I will add the others too. I have been to Pai Men Miyake and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't my husband's favorite.

          3. I agree with most of Bobbert's recs (I'm not a fan of 555). We especially like Hugo's, Central Provisions, Fore St. Miyake, and Eventide. I like Grace's food more than Bobbert, but it really is the room that's the star. I also like Caiola's (slightly outside downtown), and Lolita (though I haven't eaten there since it changed from Bar Lola). Enjoy your trip, it's a great eating city!

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              Thanks kimfair1, appreciate your suggestions and comments.