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May 5, 2014 08:38 AM

cheap places to eat in Tukwila?

I will be in Tukwila next week any ideas on cheap places to eat? I would like to be close to Renton if possible. Thanks!

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  1. There's just about every middle-priced chain on earth around Southcenter mall, or down Southcenter Parkway--Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Outback, Azteca, Claim Jumper, Applebees, Famous Dave's, Bahama Breeze, Old Spaghetti Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Red Robin... There are a couple of local chains in the vicinity--Duke's Chowder House , Racha Thai --that are pretty good.

    Otherwise, options in Tukwila are a little more limited. Renton has a few places I'd recommend. Heaven Sent Chicken is legendary. Ezell Stephens of Ezell's lost the rights to his restaurant name in a falling-out with his partners, but he got to keep the most important thing: his recipe. The Berliner has pretty good German pub food. Royal Orchid Thai is excellent. The Whistle Stop Ale House has very good pub food. Naan -n- Curry is getting out of the "cheap'" range, but it's some of the best Indian food in the area.

    If you have a car, you might head in the other direction--take Hwy 518 to where it ends in Burien. There, I'd recommend La Costa , or King Wha , or Elliott Bay Brewhouse , or Angelo's .

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      Thanks for the great ideas! The Naan place looks delicious

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        The nexus of Tukwila/Renton/Kent is always a bit odd to define discuss. But if we think of Southcenter as the starting point, I'd recommend Baja Fresh on 180th, and Szechuan First (just off 180th on the East Valley Highway) for good food and high value.

        I think both likely have postal addresses in Kent, but they are just minutes away from the Southcenter Mall, near Ikea, below the 167 interchange and Valley Hospital.

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          Naan and Curry is really, really, some of the best Indian in greater Seattle. Go!

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          DO go up the 518 to Burien; great food choices as mentioned, and an actual 'town' with a main street, etc. that can take the mall and subdivision hell out of your trip :)

        3. Go to Bai Tong in Southcenter; one of the best Thai resto's in greater SEA... in a small mall on Southcenter Parkway.

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            Seafood city is a center of Filipino food. At the mall, groceries, and a few fast food places.