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May 5, 2014 07:55 AM

Confession: I like sushi rolls (looking for sushi happy hour or lunch)

Coming to NYC from Friday a.m. to Saturday p.m. Would love to find a sushi/Japanese appetizer happy hour (or lunch bargain). Staying near Chelsea but will go anywhere. I confess that I like some of the stuff that aficionados dis, such as foie gras sushi, creative combos, a good old tuna avocado roll. Money is not a huge issue, but sushi adds up so fast (and we splurged on Book of Mormon tickets) that I thought it would be fun to find a good deal. Many thanks!

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    1. has anyone been to Alpha Fusion in Hell's Kitchen (for sushi)?

        1. My guilty pleasure in chelsea is monster sushi.... No happy hour, but a large selection of generous rolls that are creative and well priced. I always order the peanut roll. Nothing fancy but you won't leave hungry or broke.

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            When I worked near there, I wen there often. That was years ago, but it was dependable and good quality for the price.

          2. if you've never gone for conveyor sushi, look at East in Murray Hill. it's certainly not the highest quality option you'll find, but it's fun, inexpensive, and different. i like their mexican rolls best.

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            1. re: coasts

              Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to skip it this time, but come back this summer with my 13 year old son who will just love it, I am sure. Thanks for adding something to our summer plans that will make me seem like a cool mom.