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May 5, 2014 07:54 AM

agave in israel?

Does anyone know if agave nectar is readily available in Israel? I assume it must be available at health food stores but I in stores like supersol I would probably just bring a small bottle.

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  1. I've seen it around in Jerusalem. Haven't paid attention to the details. I can check for you when I go to Supersol later this week.

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    1. I went to Supersol yesterday, but forgot to check for agave syrup. So I looked at their online shopping site & saw that they list a number of agave products, including syrup in sizes of 300 ml (NIS 20.90).& up.
      Here's the link, if you have a Hebrew-enabled computer:
      You could email customer service to ask about availability at a store in a specific area. I've emailed them in English a few times & gotten helpful responses.

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      1. re: almond tree

        Thank you and thank you debs for letting me know!

      2. It is readily available in supermarkets and health food stores all over the country.