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May 5, 2014 06:52 AM

Delicous Pizza Dough

Got pizza dough at The Farmland in Wakefield.It was perfect. Made pizza with it, but am getting more to make a calzone. No need for take put pizza any more! Their burgers are great too- will stop by on my way home- good day to grill!

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  1. Haven't tried the Farmland version. That said, I really like the frozen pizza dough you get from Walmart. It's out of New York some where and pretty cheap. Always keep some on hand in the freezer.

    1. I make my own. It's better than any I've bought anywhere except from a few Italian bread bakeries (none of which are anywhere near Boston).

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      1. re: LilBrownBat

        I used to make my own, but this was so good, so easy and so cheap!!

        1. re: LilBrownBat

          I was pleased with my pizza dough as well, until I tried the dough from Clear Flour.

          1. re: black_lab

            Do you remember how much the Clear Flour dough is? I sometimes get Bertucci's but it's pricey at $4 for a large (20 oz.)

            1. re: bear

              It's on the expensive side for dough, around $3 IIRC. However it really rises above the many other decent doughs I have used in the past (Haymarket, Armandos, Pescatore). If someone can recreate it at home and post the recipe I would be eternally grateful. Decent pizza dough is easy to make, but Clear Flour's has some special touch.

              1. re: bear

                One time I bought some from Bertucci's and they asked 'would you like us to roll it out for you?' Of course.

                1. re: trufflehound

                  Yes, they always ask that. I usually divide it in two so I don't take advantage of that, but it is a nice option since that's what usually takes me the longest when making pizza.

              2. re: black_lab

                Wow. I didn't even know Clear Flour made dough. This, um, could be life-changing.

                1. re: LilBrownBat

                  No kidding. I like my dough, and after 30 years of making it, I have it down, but I need to try Clear Flour's soon.

                  1. re: kimfair1

                    Agreed. Clear Flour's dough is excellent and makes a great pizza. Fornax in Roslindale makes excellent dough (in white or wheat) too and sell at a few places in JP (Harvest, City Feed) as well as at the shop in Roslindale. Both are significantly better than any other dough I've had.

            2. I think the 1.50 stuff from Shaws (River Street) is better than stuff from Russos. so there.

              (hangs head in shame)

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              1. re: hyde

                Why are you hanging your head? Sounds like you found the better dough for the better price!

                1. re: hyde

                  That is my husband's favorite dough. It says it is made in Wakefield, MA and has a red-and-green bag. Usually in the deli area.

                  We also like Calareso's dough for the quantity.

                  Also tried out beer-flavored pizza dough from the Portland Pie Company, which was found at Hannaford's.


                2. haymarket pizza sells their dough for $1 and it's great.

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                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    It's $1.50 now. BTW, their dough ball is 14oz. I asked.

                    1. re: lergnom

                      i no longer eat gluten so it's been awhile. still cheap and better than any supermarket stuff.

                    1. re: mcel215

                      Calaresso is good, too- and lots of dough in each bag. But I like The Farmland better- and cheap, too! It was either $1.29 or $1.99, cant remember!

                      1. re: macca

                        Thanks macca,

                        I'll give Farmland a try soon to compare.

                        I cut the dough in half from Calaresso's, and each half makes one large rectangular pizza. So it's really not expensive, maybe $1.30ish per half. :)


                        1. re: mcel215

                          Give it a try and let us know! Farmland dough is large- I made a two rectangular pizzas ( fit in a large cookie sheet) with my dough. I think next time I will cut it up and freeze to be able to make individual pizzas. But- speaking of Calaressos, if you have a garden, they used to carry Market More cucumber plants. Best ever, I bought them several years ago, and got literally dozens of cukes from each plant. I planted three plants and was giving away cucumbers for weeks!

                          1. re: macca

                            Thanks Macca, I am growing them this year. I usually do just tomato and basil, because I have a small plot (community garden in my condo), but I decided I miss the garden cukes too much not to plant them. I get my tomato and basil plants from Calaressos as well. I am so excited to try Market More now!


                            1. re: mcel215

                              Hope they still carry them. They were great. Sliced thin with a bit of vinegar and a warm tomato with salt. Perfect lunch. Add basil and mozz and you have a perfect dinner!