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Delicous Pizza Dough

Got pizza dough at The Farmland in Wakefield.It was perfect. Made pizza with it, but am getting more to make a calzone. No need for take put pizza any more! Their burgers are great too- will stop by on my way home- good day to grill!

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  1. Haven't tried the Farmland version. That said, I really like the frozen pizza dough you get from Walmart. It's out of New York some where and pretty cheap. Always keep some on hand in the freezer.

    1. I make my own. It's better than any I've bought anywhere except from a few Italian bread bakeries (none of which are anywhere near Boston).

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        I used to make my own, but this was so good, so easy and so cheap!!

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          I was pleased with my pizza dough as well, until I tried the dough from Clear Flour.

          1. re: black_lab

            Do you remember how much the Clear Flour dough is? I sometimes get Bertucci's but it's pricey at $4 for a large (20 oz.)

            1. re: bear

              It's on the expensive side for dough, around $3 IIRC. However it really rises above the many other decent doughs I have used in the past (Haymarket, Armandos, Pescatore). If someone can recreate it at home and post the recipe I would be eternally grateful. Decent pizza dough is easy to make, but Clear Flour's has some special touch.

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                One time I bought some from Bertucci's and they asked 'would you like us to roll it out for you?' Of course.

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                  Yes, they always ask that. I usually divide it in two so I don't take advantage of that, but it is a nice option since that's what usually takes me the longest when making pizza.

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                Wow. I didn't even know Clear Flour made dough. This, um, could be life-changing.

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                  No kidding. I like my dough, and after 30 years of making it, I have it down, but I need to try Clear Flour's soon.

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                    Agreed. Clear Flour's dough is excellent and makes a great pizza. Fornax in Roslindale makes excellent dough (in white or wheat) too and sell at a few places in JP (Harvest, City Feed) as well as at the shop in Roslindale. Both are significantly better than any other dough I've had.

            2. I think the 1.50 stuff from Shaws (River Street) is better than stuff from Russos. so there.

              (hangs head in shame)

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                Why are you hanging your head? Sounds like you found the better dough for the better price!

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                  That is my husband's favorite dough. It says it is made in Wakefield, MA and has a red-and-green bag. Usually in the deli area.

                  We also like Calareso's dough for the quantity.

                  Also tried out beer-flavored pizza dough from the Portland Pie Company, which was found at Hannaford's.


                2. haymarket pizza sells their dough for $1 and it's great.

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                    It's $1.50 now. BTW, their dough ball is 14oz. I asked.

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                      i no longer eat gluten so it's been awhile. still cheap and better than any supermarket stuff.

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                      Calaresso is good, too- and lots of dough in each bag. But I like The Farmland better- and cheap, too! It was either $1.29 or $1.99, cant remember!

                      1. re: macca

                        Thanks macca,

                        I'll give Farmland a try soon to compare.

                        I cut the dough in half from Calaresso's, and each half makes one large rectangular pizza. So it's really not expensive, maybe $1.30ish per half. :)


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                          Give it a try and let us know! Farmland dough is large- I made a two rectangular pizzas ( fit in a large cookie sheet) with my dough. I think next time I will cut it up and freeze to be able to make individual pizzas. But- speaking of Calaressos, if you have a garden, they used to carry Market More cucumber plants. Best ever, I bought them several years ago, and got literally dozens of cukes from each plant. I planted three plants and was giving away cucumbers for weeks!

                          1. re: macca

                            Thanks Macca, I am growing them this year. I usually do just tomato and basil, because I have a small plot (community garden in my condo), but I decided I miss the garden cukes too much not to plant them. I get my tomato and basil plants from Calaressos as well. I am so excited to try Market More now!


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                              Hope they still carry them. They were great. Sliced thin with a bit of vinegar and a warm tomato with salt. Perfect lunch. Add basil and mozz and you have a perfect dinner!

                    2. Capone Foods in Somerville makes a good pizza dough. They sell it at various places. Got mine at Chip In Farm in Bedford.

                      1. Can you freeze the clearflour dough successfully?

                        Im cooking for only myself a lot and would love to buy some bake some and freeze the rest

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                          You certainly can freeze it, but as with any dough it is better fresh. If cooking for one, you could split the dough in half for 2 small pizzas. I have frozen it in the past, but don't cook pizza that often. I decided that I want it fresh when I do because it's just a bit better. I think it's the best dough around fresh, and it will be better than any other post frozen dough as well. Clear Flour also sells Capone pizza sauce and cheese blend if you are in a hurry. I was have to get one of the best chocolate chip cookies around for the ride home. Pick a dough up, split it let me know if you think there's discernible difference between fresh and frozen.