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May 5, 2014 06:24 AM

Sarges - it was very good

Just went to the re-opened Sarges last night. Personally I think the pastrami was better than 2nd ave deli. I liked the chopped liver they give you with the pickles and cole slaw. Sandwich was much bigger than 2 Ave Deli. Matzah Ball soup was excellent and so was the hot open turkey on the latka.
Very good meal and likely replaces 2 Ave Deli for my go to deli when in that hood.

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  1. Thanks for the report post-re-opening! Definitely need to make a return visit to Sarge's very soon! Nice that they're giving the chopped liver with the pickles and cole slaw since I adore Sarge's chopped liver. I prefer Sarge's pastrami to both Second Ave. Deli and Katz's.

    1. Just when I start a real diet I got to see this post.... I have been meaning to return to Sarge's (a longtime fave of mine), I guess I will wait until 2 Saturdays from now and make it my post race lunch after a half marathon I have that day.

      1. I've been back twice since it reopened; always a dependable pleasure.
        The only thing I can't figure out is how all the framed headshots were saved from the fire, because they certainly look like the originals to me (as, for that matter, does every other part of the room.)

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        1. re: Phil Ogelos

          Looks identical and the framed pictures are quite obscure and most below level C celebrities. They should have let them burn.

        2. Looking forward to visiting the re-opened Sarge's next time I'm in town.