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May 5, 2014 05:55 AM


Where in Union, Morris, Middlesex or Somerset counties can we get an omelette cooked in an omelette pan instead of on a griddle ?.....the opmelette pan produces a fluffier version..........Thank you

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    1. Original Pancake House says this about their Omelettes

      An Original Pancake House Omelette is made with six farm fresh large eggs. We stiff whip the eggs and place them in a pan with clarified butter. At The Original Pancake House we do not fold our Omelettes, instead we roll the Omelette in the pan so the cooked egg is forced off of the bottom of the pan and raw egg goes in its place. Once the Omelette is completely rolled it is placed in an oven to bake.

      Our Omelettes are quite a masterpiece when complete, so please allow extra cook time when ordering one