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Besides Chowhound-What is you favorite foodie website?

Please if possible, provide the link when you respond. I'll start with my favorite:

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  1. Dave Canterbury's YouTube channel and his camp cooking and wild game preparation videos ;)
    Click on "Playlists"

    I like to Google camp cooking and wild game preparation and cast iron cooking. Think I might attempt my first deep dish pizza soon.

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      I should also add that I really like anything "America's Test Kitchen," especially their gadget and cookware testing.



    2. Here's a similar fairly recent thread that you might enjoy looking through.


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          CompuServe! I had no idea it lived on as a web site. I was a member of CompuServe back in the 1980s -- dialled in using my 1200 baud modem!

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            You and me both. It's now a free Web site, so you can check it out for nothing. Usage has fallen off drastically as there are now so many free alternatives on the 'net, but some of us are still hanging on.

        2. I really enjoy and read Serious Eats. The recipes on Food 52 are fabulous. I used to like the Daily Meal, but so often there seems to be a "u-tube" running while I'm trying to read another article that I find the site very annoying...also they seem to have lots of tech trouble. I still get it every day, but often just shut it down due to some problem or the other. I like Tasting Table which also has good recipes.

              1. Taste.Com.Au - Australian cooking website

                Remember, for volume measurements in recipes, there are these differences:(most recipes are metric, but a few are by volume or mixed measurements).

                Australian vs U.S.

                Cup 250ml vs 240ml
                Tablespoon 20ml (4 tsp) vs 15ml (3 tsp).

                Australian "self-raising flour" contains about 2 tsp baking powder per cup, and no salt.

                1. For something a little different: Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook. http://honest-food.net/ (btw, the site won the "Best Food Blog" award by the James Beard Foundation in 2013).

                  1. Resources for cooking:
                    Chefsteps (http://www.chefsteps.com/) because there are more experts per member over there than anywhere else
                    Aside from that, mostly blogs like Khymos, Cooking Issues podcasts, and other blogs mostly focused on modern techniques. Egullet is always worth a look as well, too bad it's not so active anymore.

                    For restaurants I like Serious Eats, and Eater, as well as blogs.

                    I favor anything with measurements by weight, and in metric.

                    1. By a longshot...saveur.com

                      1. I'm a Serious Eats fan. I don't really post there, but the articles and reviews are fun. Mostly I'm pretty Chow-loyal.