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May 5, 2014 12:28 AM

Nina's Waffles and Sweets Doylestown

John and I spied this place on thursday night. I peeked in and everything looked amazing. Plenty of new opening excitement in the air. Can't wait to do some extensive menu research. Anyone else try this place?

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  1. Have not been but fully intend to go. Read on Bucks County Taste that the pastry chef used to be the pastry chef at Le Bec Fin.

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      Wow! Their goods looked and smelled amazing. Not sure if they accept credit cards so I'm going very soon and bringing cash.

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        Went today about sevenish and got a waffle sundae with vanilla ice cream, speloos and whipped cream. It was fantastic. My friend got a naked waffle. Both waffles were fresh off the waffle maker.
        We walked around town a lot and I decided I just had to try a different flavor but there was a long line. I was determined and when we circled back about ten minutes later I was able to get a milk chocolate ice cream in a cup. Delicious. Can't wait to try more of their creations and maybe luck into sitting in one of the two booths in the windows. It was such a lovely evening I wanted to eat outside on one of Doylestown's many benches.
        There are two other pastry and ice cream places a stone's throw from Nina's. Guess the low carb craze has faded.

      2. Visited this past weekend. The staff is friendly. The shop itself needs a better system for lining up and ordering. It was very crowded when I visited and people just kinda milled about not really sure where the line started. In actuality, there was no line, you just jumped in to order whenever the chance presented itself. I had the waffle tatin (fresh liege waffle smeared with pastry cream, topped with cooked apples, and briefly torched). To me, this dessert was too sweet. I think if the apples had been tart, there would have been more contrast, but it wasn't to be. The brulee effect was also negligible. I liked the flavor of the waffle, but it wasn't as crispy as I'm used to. My only other experience with liege waffles is Inside Scoop in Coopersberg. I will give Nina's another try and see if I can ask for the waffle to be cooked a bit longer.

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          Hmmm. My waffle and my friend's were cooked perfectly. They must have got overwhelmed. I don't know why people don't appreciate tart apples more. It is one of my pet peeves in many apple desserts.
          Glad you are going to give them another chance. Nono's or whatever right down the street must be thrilled about this place but then again they have coffee and seemed to be doing fine. I want to try the waffle bread pudding and the creme brulee next time. If it is rainy or very hot sitting in one of the big booths in the window seems appealing too.