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May 4, 2014 09:20 PM

Girls weekend - Friday dinner [San Francisco]

I'm coming for a girls' weekend away from the kids in a couple of weeks. Not everyone knows each other, it's a collection of friends and friends of friends (age group 35-40ish). We've got 6 people for dinner Friday night, one is vegetarian.

Some of the ladies are foodies (me!) and some non-foodies. One person suggested supperclub for dinner Friday. I went to the website and looked away quickly! I'm planning to go ahead and make reservations elsewhere and see if I can get everyone to buy in. I'd rather go to a decent restaurant and then go to a club afterward. We're staying a block off of Castro, between 19th and 20th Streets. I'm looking at Canela, Contigo, La Ciccia, Zuni, and Chilango. Any thoughts?

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  1. Beretta, La Mar, coquetta would be my recs

    La Ciccia is great

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      Agreed with your recs. I'd add Locanda and maybe Lolinda.

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        I think Beretta on a Friday night would likely be too crowded and noisy for a party of six to converse comfortably.

      2. I liked Chilango for a happy hour snack (the food was good) but I wouldn't think it would fit the bill for you -- very close to being a taqueria, a bit drafty, not cozy at all.

        La Ciccia is one of my fave restaurants ever, so that would be my pick from your list but it's small and books up quickly so I'd call ASAP if you're interested.

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          Contigo is a good choice. It's small plates and there's enough vegetarian and seasonal dishes of interest that the vegetarian won't feel left out (the pea toasts are delicious right now). Unless you want one of the more expensive items included in it, the $42 chef's selection menu isn't a better deal than ordering a la carte.

          Grayelf is spot on that Chilango is not a good fit atmosphere-wise--- good food, but it's easily a place you could go to with the kids.

          Anyone know what vegetarian items La Ciccia currently offers? Their online menu doesn't have any, not even a salad, but lots of Y*lp reviewers say they make concessions that they were happy with. It also looks like they're no longer offering pizza. Is that accurate, or are they only doing a daily special pizza?

        2. La Ciccia is charming. Contigo and Zuni are two of my favorites.

          1. Is it important to you at all, considering the club later, for it to feel "hip"? To have cocktails? etc.?

            If so, I'd cut La Ciccia.

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            1. re: goldangl95

              Are the "non-foodies" in the group fussy or picky or simply not obsessed with finding great food? Do you have a cost constraint?

              La Ciccia is great, but I'd also think about cutting it for your purposes, from what it sounds. It is quite small and rather "intimate." Also, for non-foodie types (the fussy/picky sorts) might be a bit a bit intimidated by the menu. If you are willing to go as far as the financial district, you might like Cotogna, Barbacco, or Kokkari.

              1. re: MagicMarkR

                The distinction between "fussy" and "not obsessed" is a good one. I have a friend who falls into the latter category, but who is not fussy and has learned to trust me when it comes to trying new things.

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  Thanks for the replies. The three of us coming from Calgary are all happier with good food than bad food, but I'm the only one obsessed with finding the good food. The three coming from the states are people I have not yet met, the "friends of friends". All I know is that one of the ladies is vegetarian. I certainly hope they are not fussy eaters.

                  Given the info above, I think I will take La Ciccia off the list. It sounds like a great place, but I think given the group composition, somewhere "fun", or at least with good people watching would work out better.

                  I'll also scratch Chilingo.

                  I'll try for Contigo or Zuni.

                  1. re: yyc_mom

                    Verbena's a great place for a mix of omnivores, vegetarians, foodies, and fussy eaters.

            2. I like the Verbena idea. Also consider La Mar, which someone else mentioned. It's good for a group of six. I would scratch La Ciccia for that reason alone. It's my favorite restaurant in SF, but I don't think it's great for a group of that size.

              Locanda is super fun for a group like yours.

              Did you look at the Cavalier? That would be lots of fun, great cocktails and food that should please everyone.