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May 4, 2014 08:08 PM

NYer spending 1 night 2 days in LA... What are some unique areas to eat

Coming from NYC.. i don't really care for the "uppity" " noveau" cuisine kind of places.

I am interested in ethnic cuisine, gritty neighborhoods and possibly places that the usual tourist places don't visit.

I plan on going to Roscoe's , La Taquiza .

I will have a car as well. Any suggestions ???

P.S. I will be in San Diego for more time so Mexican food i will have in San Diego... unless there is a difference ??

Thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. ItsMee, on other boards you have asked for recs in New Orleans and got a few, and also for NYC to Connecticut, which inspired dozens of comments. In neither did you report back about where you ate. Please don't elicit our discussion and then leave us hanging this time.

    Again, even with a car, much depends on where you are staying and what between-meals activities you have planned.

    Roscoe's has a reputation but I'm not a fan of their chicken and waffles. My waffle was flaccid and thin, not crispy, and the chicken pieces were small. You can do much better at Pann's, a board favorite which is very close to LAX and is classic with its architecture and service. Waffles and wings supposed to be good.

    La Taquiza is ok, but the only thing special about it is its proximity to USC. There are more unique and better taquerias in every area of town. If downtown, the regentrified Grand Central Market has inspired tons of discussion on this board about the new deli, hot burger, controversial bbq, and others, but at least two old-time stands offer carnitas in overflowing tacos that are inexpensive and superior. We have fish tacos that are slightly different than San Diego's. My favorite taqueria is Carnitas Michaocan, 24/7, with the best salsa roja I've had in SoCal.

    But what we have, if you are adventurous, that is clearly superior is Chinese (best in the San Gabriel Vally, both dim sum and regional specialists -- a current favorite is Chengdu Taste); Thai (Thai Town is centered around Hollywood Blvd. west of downtown, between about Western and Vermont. Some consider Jitlada to be best, though as a frontrunner there is criticism for increasing prices and indifferent service.), and Korean (K-Town is south of Thai Town, closer to Olympic and Wilshire. Park may be considered the best for Korean BBQ, but there are a lot of other focuses.).

    Enjoy your visit and report back.

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    1. re: nosh

      lol. Sorry for not following through.I didn't know that was the ettiquette.How selfish of me.

      Will def make a point to let you know afterwards. and thanks for the very helpful recs.

      1. re: nosh

        For what it is worth, I haven't had better mulitas in the city than at La Taquiza. Those bad boys are superb.

      2. Roscoe's is rather touristy.

        definitely visit Koreatown. Will you have a car? If so, try to head to Monterey Park if you like authentic Chinese food. We have many pockets with amazing restaurants side by side, practically able to take your pick. The area on Wilshire between 10th and 12th in Santa Monica, Rose between 4th and 6th. 9th downtown between Flower and Main, and across Broadway.

        1. Where will you be staying? How much traffic/distance are you willing to tolerate? Is the focus of your trip on eating or on visiting certain landmarks/sights/whatever and trying to find good food in close proximity to those sights?

          We have a lots of ethnic. Might help you narrow it down a little more. ;)

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            1. re: ilysla

              I will be in hollywood. Im willing to drive anywhere. Just plan on riding around , seeing the beaches and such. Not set itinerary just relax and explore

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                Not too far is Dino's (a combination of Greek and Mexican influences?) on Pico for the day glo orange Crazy Chicken and fries (El Pollo Maniaco).


                For wood fired Peruvian chicken there is Pollo A La Brasa and the much less well known Pollos El Brasero

            2. Walk Broadway in Downtown LA. Be sure to check out Grand Central Market. I highly suggest getting tacos there from Las Morelianas