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May 4, 2014 07:02 PM

Leftover falafel, best way to keep?

Just made my first attempt at falafel and I have half a bowl of mix left. Can I freeze the mix and use it another time or should I fry them off and freeze for future reheating?

Note: I have never eaten or made falafal before. Where I live they always have cilantro in them and I can't stand cilantro, it tastes like soap to me so I don't know if my falafel texture is right .. but both me and HB thought they were tasty. Just not sure how the mix will hold up.

Thanks for the advice ...


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      1. Freeze and then cook just before eating. Frozen and reheated is never quite as good.
        Glad you liked it! Falafel is also great baked and as an entree salad if you don't have pita on hand

        1. They keep well if you want to make them and reheat in the oven (or fry again..). I like em cold too! I hope you keep with it, falafel are very versatile, hearty, and can be use combinations of other healthy ingredients like lentils.

          1. Id form them into serving size balls before freezing them. Freeze them solid on a parchment lined tray and then store them in a zip bag.

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