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May 4, 2014 06:23 PM

Volunteers for cheese of the month co-ordinator (May through October, 2014)

Here's the new sign up list for Cheese of the Month Coordinator. Duties include selecting the particular cheese or cheeses for the month, and starting the thread. No experience (or expertise) required. We're all here to help!

As of now...

Since we are already into May, I'll take May.

Need volunteers for the next five months!

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I can do it if there is interest. I will be somewhat less busy starting this week. Since we are already into June should we skip June and start up in July? I am interested in doing sheep cheeses, maybe focusing in on soft ones?

      1. re: Ridge

        Ridge, you still interested in doing July?

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Yes, we will do wood board aged cheeses. Stay tuned, I am gathering information and will post about it in the next 2 days.

    2. I will sign up for November-I will be up North for the Jewish Holidays.
      I am a newbie and might need some hand holding/instruction-
      I will try my best