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May 4, 2014 06:20 PM

Ice cream with a peanut allergy?

My daughter has a peanut allergy and we have stayed away from ice cream places for fear of cross contamination. Now that summer is coming again, I would love to find a place where I could bring her. Are there any places known to be sensitive to peanut allergies or peanut free?

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  1. My niece has a peanut allergy so I fully understand your concern. I don't have a specific shop to recommend, but we have found that most shops are very sensitive to the issue and will take precautions when preparing my niece's ice cream. She sticks to vanilla soft serve since it is the least likely to come into contact with anything peanut (except at places that have peanut butter soft serve...avoid J.P. Licks!) and it doesn't require scoops, etc. She gets gummy bear toppings to jazz things up.

    1. I think this is a million dollar question for those who suffer from peanut/tree nut allergies. Bakeries and ice cream are off limits. some people say Rita's Italian Ice is safe but they started carrying PB flavors. we usually do a frozen yogurt with no toppings. BTW, i don't live in Boston but saw your post in the main discussion area. We have visited Boston and it would be nice to know.

      1. I guess it depends on how severe the allergy is, but my OH is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts (carries an epipen) and we exercise caution in ice-cream shops but have been to Christina's Tosci's, JP Licks, BerryLine several times without issue. He usually sticks to flavours that aren't next to nutty ones - where scoop spillage is likely to happen. We have now left Boston and are back in the UK and in ice-cream shops here we also employ similar levels of care.

        If I remember rightly, the bowls at Toscis are quite deep, so there is not a risk of spillage from one dish to the other - some places ball up scoops and sit them at the end of the dish - to me that is a drip in the wrong direction waiting to happen.

        In my experience, people in the US are far more accommodating of nut allergies - in the UK you quite often get a blanket 'it's not suitable' or 'i'm not happy serving you'. I'm sure if you make it known they will take care over getting a fresh scoop.

        1. I guess it depends on how allergic you are - in the Metrowest, Kimball's (at least in Carlisle) will often open a new ice cream and wash the scoop which is nice.

          1. Jeanne's Bake Shop in Lynnfield is a totally nut free bakery and ice cream shop. She has soft serve and all types of mix ins and toppings that are all nut free. Families with allergies are SO happy to have a place to take their kids for a summer treat! And her baked goods are phenomenal!