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May 4, 2014 05:12 PM

Finding the Right Use for Gran Classico Bitter & Cynar

Hi all, long time reader, first time posting. Some suggestions wanted for enjoying Gran Classico Bitter and Cynar.

The Negroni is currently my go to drink, but it's been an acquired taste. I hated it initially, but I built up my tolerance for the traditional 1:1:1 recipe over time by starting with less Campari and increasing the amount as time went on.

That led me to try out some Campari alternatives, but I haven't warmed to them as quickly. The Gran Classico tastes too sweet, which doesn't feel right as a substitute in a Negroni. Cynar on the other hand is so aggressively bitter that it seems a much better match for rye than gin (I've made this "Little Italy" cocktail many times:

Any other bright ideas for these apƩritifs?

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  1. Have you discovered yet? Or Both allow you to search by ingredient.

    Haven't used Gran Classico at all, but favorites with Cynar include (all are on kindred cocktails):
    Colonel Carpano (if you have Carpano Antica): maybe my favorite drink of all time
    Gin-Cin-Cyn: don't worry if you don't have Cinzano. It works great with other sweet vermouths. It's a negroni with Cynar instead of Campari.
    Growing Old Cocktail
    The Art of Choke
    The Sanny
    The Search for Delicious

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      Thanks, have tried both sites, but find the volume of options to be overwhelming without some type of rating system to help identify higher quality recipes.

      The Colonel Carpano looks like I'd end up rounding it out back towards the Little Italy ratios above, but I'll experiment.