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May 4, 2014 03:44 PM

Natural Cut Fries - Cost-Cutting Measure, or Do Some People Like Them?

I'm far from being a french fry snob, pretty much liking them all (though not a great fan of seasoned fries or those that are limp). But natural cut fries, the kind where there is still skin on them (and the eyes, too!), well, I really don't like 'em. I don't like the "fried skin" texture. I don't like the grit that seems to accompany it, either. And I don't like the appearance or texture of the black eyes in my mouth. (However, I do like the skin on baked potatoes, most of the time, so I'm not anti-potato skin.)

In short, natural cut fries are really not my thing.

Which set my mind to wondering: Are there people who like skin-on fries? If so, what do you like about them?

And then I was thinking about why restaurants would choose to serve them. I can't imagine that there are a lot of people clamoring for skin-on fries (though maybe there are and I'm just not aware of it), so what would be the motivation? All I can come up with is the idea that it's a time-saving and therefore cost-cutting measure, in that the potato (or a whole box of 'em) can pulled from the box and thrown in the cutter (if they're being made at the restaurant); the company is bypassing the person-standing-there-cutting-out-the-potato-eyes process, and the peeling, too, which saves them money, right?

So ... thoughts?

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  1. <Are there people who like skin-on fries? If so, what do you like about them?>

    I do. I won't say I love them, but I do like them. I simply like the variety of texture.

    It has this rustic feel to them.

    1. I'm okay with skin-on french fries IF they're washed and scrubbed--no eyes! And with any deep fried potato, they have to go thru a second "finishing dip" in the oil.

      1. Love 'em as long as they are not limp.

        1. I rarely eat fries since they give me a massive stomach ache now, but when i do i prefer the skin on (but no eyes or black spots!) thick "steak fries" style.
          I like the texture and more earthy potato flavor from the skin....

          1. i like skin-on fries. never had them with the big eyes in them, though. and must of course be well scrubbed. need to be crispy, and not big thick things ("steak fries").

            love stuffed potato skins snack and eating skin on baked potato, too.