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Celebrating Spouse's Significant Birthday in Metro West with Italian Dinner

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What is your favorite suburban Italian restaurant that is within 1/2 hour of Needham for this Sat. nite 5/10 for party of 2? Don't want to go into Boston, but open to MetroWest or near Southern suburbs.

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  1. I like Il Capriccio and La Campagnia in Waltham and La Morra in Brookline.

    1. Sweet Basil (Needham), Il Casale (Belmont), Fiorella's (Newton)

      1. La morra is by far my favorite, but il casale in Belmont is solid.

        1. I like Spiga in Needham.

          1. Il Casale in Belmont, La Morra in Brookline or Spiga in Needham if you really want to stay close. Spiga is in a random location but the food is surprisingly not bad.

            1. La Morra is my favorite option here but Sweet Basil is BYOB, so if cost is a concern (or you have a deep cellar) that's a great option, too.

              1. Thanks to the responders to date. I'm a fan of Spiga, Sweet Basil & Fiorella's. Don't understand the Chow love for Il Casale which I thought was a poor value (scanty portion, healthy price, ok, but affected service). I liked Il Capriccio, but I've heard it's inconsistent, which also is the word on La Morra. Haven't been to La Campania, but the prices seem exorbitant--it's Waltham, not Siena, FGS.

                Anyone have anything good to say about Biagio's in Waltham? Keep the recs coming. Thanks!