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Desperately Seeking Fondue

We are celebrating our son's 9th birthday and searching for a fondue restaurant (a la Melting Pot but good) at his request, so we don't have to keep our reservation at Melting Pot in the suburbs. We will be at a show in/near the theater district before dinner, so somewhere too not far afield is best.

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  1. Mount Blanc on W. 48th or Le Bonne Soupe on W. 55th would likely be your best bets for fondue not so far from the theater district. These are not "fondue restaurants" per se, but restaurants that have cheese fondue.

    1. There is Kashkaval on 9th (56th ish?)-- last time I was there, they had a several different kinds of cheese fondue. It's not like much like the Melting Pot (a few tables in the back of a shop), but I liked both the cheese and the chocolate.

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        Kashkaval is quite good. Several different cheese fondues available with different things to dip into them.

        Also a lot of middle eastern style food, for the non fondue in you.

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          Kashkaval the original is closing May 24. But their sister two doors down Kashkaval Garden remains open. They have a few fondues on the menu, along with some of the spreads/dips of Kashkaval and kebabs and other stuff. It's small but lively.

        2. Anything here? Tends to be a winter thing here in NYC:


          1. Whenever the subject of fondue comes up I always have to recommend (strongly) Artisanal.

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              I was thinking artisinal as well, but their cheese combo might be a love it or hate it for a kid... I'm sure the grougeres and mac and cheese would go over well though.

            2. I love Kashkaval, and that isn't far from the theater district. If the timing works for you, I would head there. I haven't been to the sister location. I like Artisanal, but actually not for the fondue. It may be a fun more "grown up" experience for your son. It is also a bit farther from the theater district.

              1. Thanks, everyone. I discovered all your recommendations prior to posting but was hoping I had overlooked something as he really wants the entire meal to be fondue. Looks like we will be keeping our Melting Pot reservation unless he will acquiesce to cheese and chocolate at Le Bonne Soup. Thanks, all!

                1. We've been going to Taureau at 558 Broome Street for Fondue and are happy with it. I don't know how it compares to others mentioned here.


                  1. haven't been, but i've been enamored with the idea of Cafe Select's Apres Ski Chalet since i first heard of it.


                    1. I wanted to post a long quote from a delightful 'Talk of the Town' piece in last week's New Yorker that mentions fondue but the gods aren't cooperating. I will eventually, but, assuming you're still looking, the same piece mentions the Heidelberg Restaurant on Second Ave in Yorkville.
                      Hyper-Germanic, but the fondue's there: http://www.heidelbergrestaurant.com/m...

                      1. No one has mentioned La Bonne Soupe. They do both cheese and beef fondue as well as a chocolate fondue for dessert.

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                          La Bonne Soupe! brings back memories of enjoyable lunches in the mid-70s!!! This would be an obvious choice hear the theater district for your 9 year old.