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May 4, 2014 01:32 PM

De Buyer Affinity? Owner impressions and comments?

First let me me say that I have a strong affinity for Demeyere Atlantis cookware, with good experiences with Spring (CH) and my single piece of Viking 7-layer cookware.

As look to fill in other pieces missing from cookware, I started looking at De Buyer Affinity cookware. I'm not a fan of rivets but, I must admit my Viking rivets have presented zero issues.

How do you like your De Buyer Affinity? How would you compare it to similar cookware from other manufacturers? Is it a good choice for saucepans, conical sauciers, and larger stew/stock pots?

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  1. Very hard to get and I don't really see a benefit over other alternatives in the US. Now if it was something special like no nickel or a low chromium then I'd be probably impressed

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    1. re: VeganVick

      The Spring cookware I have was also hard to get but, it does perform exceptionally well compared to similar mainstream offerings in North America.

      1. re: Sid Post

        Any specific details on the differences

        1. re: VeganVick

          The pans I got were ~$40 a piece and I got a starter set for ~$80. They heat and cook more evenly than the Cuisinart thermal base pans they replaced. Their 5-ply construction heats very well, almost as well as my Demeyere Atlantis pans.

          I got a Calphalon "try me" piece to compare and while a good pan, the tendency for things to stick and cook unevenly was greater. I should note that the saucepans I compared were within $5 of each other in cost.

          The Cuisinart pans I replaced are working out very well for my mother (i.e. they are still pretty good pans and much better than what she had).

          1. re: Sid Post

            Any updates on the Affinity cookware?

            1. re: Coconut Cupcake

              I scored an Affinity skillet which I received yesterday along with my Finex skillet (new cast iron). I'm not sure how much cooking I will do the next week or two but, I hope to review it before too long.

    2. Hi SId-

      I have a few de Buyer pieces and find them almost identical to Rösle in design, manufacturing, and usage.

      I have a Rösle 35 cm Wok and a de Buyer 35 cm Wok, both induction, and other than the handles, they appear suspiciously identical.

      Same with the Affinity pans and Rösle pans.It would be a good value choice if one were considering a de Buyer purchase.

      1. Hi Sid,

        I had a De Buyer Affinity frying pan, but gave it away because it spun on my induction cooktop, didn't have a pouring lip, and had rivets (which I, like you, don't really care for). Nice handle though. All in all, it just didn't do it for me.

        That said, I strongly agree with Demeyere's philosophy that a nice thick disk base is superior to a fully clad design for saucepans and stew/stock pots, while fully clad is better for frying pans.

        I really like my single Demeyere Atlantis saucepan, but my number one favorite cookware line has to be Fissler Original Pro: 7-mm thick encapsulated aluminum base optimized for induction, perfectly flat, no rivets, nice pouring lips (with no cheap fold-over seams to catch and hold gunk), nice straight tubular handles on the small saucepans and big loop handles on the larger pots, good solid lids with a depressed center for self-basting, laser-etched volume measurements on the inside, and an impressively wide range of sizes and designs. Also, not (quite) as expensive as Demeyere Atlantis.

        PS. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that IME they are surprisingly resistant to water spots.

        I recommend you check this line out. Here's a link:

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        1. re: tanuki soup

          Fissler Original Pro is line I would like to try in person someday. Unfortunately, where I shop it is very hard to find and expensive when I do. I love my WMF PerfectPlus pressure cookers and suspect the Fissler Original Pro would offer similar German design, quality, and attention to detail. If I ever find one in a size and style I need at a price that is comparable to Demeyere and similar cookware, I will give it a try.

          1. re: Sid Post

            I don't know how you feel about online shopping, but Fissler Original Pro is usually available at Amazon (and other sites) at a pretty substantial discount.

            Good luck in your cookware quest!

            PS. In general, you can expect the price of FOP to be about 2/3 that of DA for comparable sizes and designs.

          2. re: tanuki soup

            Thanks for posting this. I was aware of Fissler pressure cookers, but didn't know about other cookware. I'm intrigued and now have analysis paralysis! I'm looking at Sitram Profisserie, De Buyer Affinity and now (thanks to you :) Fissler.

            I'm replacing some old Cuisinart SS. i like to cook, but tend to roast veggies and fish and make soups and salads most often. I am a canner and do break out a large stock pot in the summer that could be bigger. Have some Le Cruset and two De Buyer carbon steel that I haven't used yet as well.

            1. re: Coconut Cupcake

              Hi Coconut Cupcake,

              Analysis Paralysis! So that's what it's called. I knew there had to be a name for it. It's a little bit like the brain lock I used to experience standing in front of my closet sometimes, but it lasts much, much longer and is so much more intense. Wardrobe Brain Lock actually locks the brain, shuts down all higher function.

              With Analysis Paralysis, a hamster rents out space, inducing a mental twitch that's rather like a cat playing with a bumpy super ball or a coked-up pinball wizard playing 8 balls at once. It's exhausting, isn't it? :-D

              May I add to the fun? Consider Vollrath Tribute. It's the thickest 3 ply cookware I've ever seen, with ~3mm of aluminum in the core, blowing the socks off All-Clad. Lids suck, but lids from other Vollrath lines fit perfectly.

              ETA - Also,

              1. re: DuffyH

                Thanks Duffy! Vollrath brings back memories of working in the restaurant industry where I learned so much about cooking! Right now I'm leaning towards welded cookware. I'm gong to try and drop by a local restaurant supply and check it out. Thanks!