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May 4, 2014 01:09 PM

Good authentic Mexican Food and/or bakery

Looking for good authentic Mexican Food and/or a good Mexican bakery in Nashville & surrounding areas? No hard shelled tacos, chimichangas or taco bell type food. Those of you who know authenic Mexican food know what I'm asking.

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  1. Fogatas on the corner of Nolensville & Old Hickory where the Lowes is located. The pumpkin flower quesadilla, and the huitlachoce (corn fungus) quesadilla are a must try. I'm not sure of any other restaurant putting out the quality of food they do.

    I like El Tapatio on Nolensville & Sido for tacos and grilled chicken.

    For bakeries, try the one on Nolensville next to the Dairy Queen which is across the street from Big Lots. La Hacienda on Nolensville close to 440 has a decent bakery as well.

    1. Carniceria San Luis on Harding west of 24 is a Mexican gem. It is more than a store, more than a strip mall, more than a parking lot. It's a market in the old world sense where folks gather to shop, eat and visit. The level of activity that surrounds CSL is great. I ate from the taco window at the end of the building. I had a couple of tongue tacos and a couple of carne asadas too. They were served with chopped onions and cilantro, grilled onions, red and green salsas, and lemon wedges. They were $1.35 each and worth every penny and then some. It's like leaving the country for lunch. I visited the butcher and will be back with a cooler soon. When I come back I'll be trying more prepared food. This is the most exciting find I've made in a long time.

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        A visit here would be worth it if only for the smell of pollo al carbon grilling out front! And I agree, the tacos at the window are great, although I slightly prefer those at the Tacqueria Express truck at Haywood Lane and Antioch Pike (in the Dona Mari Tortilleria y Carniceria parking lot)...