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May 4, 2014 12:57 PM

Uncle Eddys eggs ?

Curios to get some feedback on organic eggs. Say some at Farmer's Joe's in Oakland and just wondering how they compare to other varieties.

Any other recommendations on real organic eggs would be appreciate it.

Is the Farmers Market downtown Oakland which is every Friday a good source to purchase real organic cage free eggs besides all the vegetables they have there ?


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  1. We like pastured eggs, and usually get them from True Grass Farms at the Temescal Farmer's Market. True Grass also has organic, but non-pastured eggs.

    There's an egg vendor at the Montclair Farmer's Market (don't know his name) who also has both organic, and pastured eggs.

    We like those two vendors because their eggs are pretty good sized. The pastured eggs from Marin Sun Farms (Rockridge Market Hall) are good, but pretty small.

    I haven't tried the vendor at the Old Oakland market--they're aren't pastured--so can't comment on them.

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        Most seem to be around $7/doz. for organic, $8/doz for pastured.

        1. re: Mission

          Being curious, I purchased a dozen of the vegetarian jumbo "Cage Free" for $2.59 and cracked one this morning. The egg was good size, ergo, good value for the money at GO, but was inferior to the farm eggs I purchase from small backyard farmers in Napa.

          Here is a link that might dismay you:

          "1-egg (“Ethically Deficient”
          )Judy’s Family Farm (Petaluma Farms), Petaluma
          The study argues that this large-scale operation (which is family-owned) does not provide outdoor access. The farm’s organic certifying agent (Oregon Tilth) has granted them permanent exeption based on the threat of avian influenza. Petaluma Farms, a large‐scale egg producer in Petaluma, CA, produces both organic and conventional cage‐free eggs for sale under several brand names, which include Judy’s Family Farm, Rock Island, Uncle Eddie’s Wild Hen Farm and Gold Circle. They also produce eggs for the 365 label owned by Whole Foods and Organic Valley for Western US markets."

          I expect to pay $5 for a dozen pastured eggs. The photo is intended to show $2.39 for Wild Hen Farm and $2.59 for Cage Free at Grocery Outlet. Sorry, I tried to load a better photo, but did not succeed.

        2. Try to drive around the rural area and visit "backyard farmers" very small operations, look at the way the animals, in this case laying hens are treated. What are they supplimented with, (corn is not good, Organic grains is the best along with chelated minerals. As mentioned in previous post, pastured hens, in my opinion, produce very flavorful eggs with rich yellow yolks almost orange! Also see if there arre heritage/heirloom breeds in the flock, not the hybrid Cross-Link high production birds. Once you find a producer support him/her as much as you can. Farming on a small scale is a very low margin business and some folks think that paying more than supermarket prices is not what they want! My answer ....."You are eating it", do you really want to eat an egg or a bird that was fed processed and by-product meal of one of the bird's cousins???