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May 4, 2014 12:46 PM

New to Albany-want recommendations

Just moved to Albany. Can I please get some recommendations for great pizza and Chinese food? Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hard to say what the best pizza in Albany is, but the best pizza anywhere near Albany is either at DeFazio's in Troy or at Village Pizzaria in East Galway, rather farther from Albany proper. There's a long thread somewhere on this board about pizza, and a super-long thread about all kinds of dining in Albany.

      The best Chinese in Albany is almost certainly Shining Rainbow on Central Ave. I've been impressed recently by Hong Kong Bakery on Wolf Rd., great selection of dim sum, and very good dishes cooked to order. Friendly place.

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      1. Not to be overlooked for Chinese is Ala Shanghai in Latham. Rain on Lark Street gets mostly good reviews and has a really nice atmosphere.

        As for pizza, I won't disagree with PSZaas, but it also really depends on the style of pizza you prefer. A thicker crust is popular at The Fountain on New Scotland Ave, and the wood fired pizza at Bacchus on 2nd St in Troy is also quite good.

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          Completely agree about Ala Shanghai, and I'm sorry I forgot to include it. Always excellent, and in a setting that's a little more upscale than the other recommendations.

        2. Try Pepper Jack's on North Allen Street in Albany. Great food, soups and wraps.


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          1. re: Fred19

            The OP was asking for Chinese and Pizza. Pepper Jack's has neither.

          2. I absolutely agree about Ala Shanghai, Hong Kong Bistro, and DeFazio's pizza. I would also add Taiwan Noodle on Central. If you want Vietnamese I'd suggest Van's, also on Central. For pizza when we don't feel like driving to Troy, we like Little Anthony's.