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May 4, 2014 12:46 PM

Trader Joes: Cinnamon flavored pasta: What???

My SIL made a mac n cheese casserole nd brought it over earlier. Pretty standard recipe. Elbows, onions, cheese sauce and buttered bread crumbs. Distinct cinnamon flavor! Actually was not reaaly bad, just not expected. When she went home, she tasted the dry uncooked elbows, and they were cinnamon. Anyone els found this recently? Bought at the Saugus MA store. She is going to mention it next time she shops.

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  1. I stopped buying TJ's dried pasta a couple of years ago because of that very thing. It really ticked me off to have that flavor in my dish without it being part of the ingredient list and noted on the front of the package. It happened a few times and I finally realized it wasn't a fluke or that it had been stored with a shipment of spices. I'm not sure if it's cinnamon, nutmeg or some other sweet spice, but it doesn't belong in pasta!

    I usually shop at the Cambridge TJ's or the Arlington MA store.

    1. Would pair well with a Greek-style red sauce with minced lamb. Garlic, onion, and oregano. Garnish with crumbled feta. Gonna keep my eye out for it although TJ's is not a regular stop for me.

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        This is a great "glass half full" reply.

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          I think Pastitio (a Greek comfort food pasta dish) actually includes cinnamon.

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            You are correct!! This was just odd as the pasta was not supposed to be a cinnamon flavored pasta, and the flavor was pronounced. It was still tasty, just unexpected!

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              Oh of course it was odd and completely uncalled for...I was just riffing on letsindulge's recipe idea. I've never heard of cinnamon flavoured pasta and don't feel I need to try it :)

          1. I bought the TJ pasta a couple times and couldn't figure out what the odd taste was. Didn't occur to me that it might be cinnamon. I stopped buying it for that very reason -- it gave my pasta dishes an odd flavor that I didn't want.

            1. Never had their pasta. H.E.B. the big grocerystore chain here in Texas makes a low gylemic pasta. I've tried it and it isn't bad,but it does have also a slight cinnamon taste or isn't really strong,but maybe the Trader Joe's is.
              They might change it if enough people should complain.