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May 4, 2014 12:40 PM

Why isn't Jungsik receiving more attention?

I had a wonderful dinner at Jungsik on Friday evening. Food was delicious. I ordered several courses from the Choice Menu (photos attached): scallops with white asparagus and sea urchin sauce; Royal Bibimbap with truffles; TriBeCa Lobster; Squab with Gochujang sauce; citrus dessert.

I've been to Jungsik only twice before, but the staff treated me like royalty. My captain remembered that I drink German Rieslings, so it was a nice touch when she brought me the wine list already opened to the page of German Rieslings. Service throughout the evening could not have been more attentive or friendly.

Sadly throughout the evening, no more than 6 tables were occupied. Jungsik is doing everything right: delicious food; wonderful service; lovely decor; 2 Michelin stars. Why isn't Jungsik receiving more attention?

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    1. re: villainx

      Not really since two of my favorite restaurants (Atera and Bouley) are are fairly crowded when I dine with them.

      1. re: ellenost

        Not saying that's the only reason, but Tribeca is a tough market to solve. Bouley's ever expanding/contracting empire points to that.

        1. re: villainx

          Perhaps, but JungSik is not exactly a "neighborhood restaurant".

    2. You asked, I'll answer. Please keep in mind these reasons are basically off the top of my head by just looking at the menu, which I do periodically whenever someone raves about it here. I have never been to Jungsik.

      The menu seems limited and a bit pricey for what it is. I have no problem with higher priced restaurants; Jungsik just seems a bit steep in comparison with other restaurants of its caliber. By just looking at the menu descriptions and photos, nothing really grabs me. Plus, Tribeca is not an area I usually turn to when considering where to dine out.
      Maybe I am alone in this thinking, but these are my reasons why I pass up Jungsik when considering someplace new (to me) to try.

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      1. re: ttoommyy

        Your points are well-taken. I've been there once, and though we enjoyed it, I can't say it was especially memorable, particularly at this price point.

        1. re: rrems

          same here. it was tasty enough, but not for the prices i paid. i didn't walk out blown away by any single dish.

      2. I agree. Our second time there, the captain had a bottle of champagne waiting for us at the table by the window in the quieter, smaller room. Last time I was there, a buddy and I had some of the Armand Rousseau on the menu, and were amazed of how attentive/interested the sommelier was in how we liked it, as well as remembering what we had ordered our last few times there off the list.

        Food is always stellar, but the service keeps us coming back

        1. Why isn't Jungsik receiving more attention?

          Haute Korean, or in other words, pricey Korean (be it fusion or not), has not penetrated the culinary vernacular in America.

          Same could be said for Chinese (with few exceptions like Hakkasan), and other Asian cuisines like Thai, Vietnamese, etc.

          Japanese is the obvious exception.

          For what it's worth, I love JungSik.

          1. I didn't like it the one time I went.