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May 4, 2014 12:10 PM

Tony Bourdain does D.F.

Tonight...9 pm...CNN

Parts Unknown, Tony Bourdain focuses on Mexico

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    1. re: cristina

      Has he, Anthony Bourdain already been to visit you? If anyone can expose him to authentic Mexico. It's food, culture, etc. I'd say it would be you Cristina! Long time fan of you & your blog. God willing, I shall eventually come meet you in person. You're on my proverbial "bucket list"!

      1. re: cristina

        Cristina, what a let down AB in Mexico was. There is a thread about it on the Food Media and News board.

        1. re: Veggo

          Thanks for the heads-up, Veggo. I've heard from a lot of other people that the show was primarily about a dark side of Mexico, with not much food-related content. Was that your experience of seeing it?


          1. re: cristina

            Completely. I found it utterly depressing. It made Mark Bittman's review of D.F. a few years ago look like a fiesta.

            1. re: Veggo

              I'm laughing, Veggo, because when Bittman's piece on the DF came out, I sent a long letter to the editor of the NYTimes and volunteered to write about Mexico's food. Today--without having seen Bourdain's piece--I volunteered to get together with him. Looks like I haven't changed a bit. Some nerve...


            2. re: cristina

              I saw the show. Not impressed. Lots of dead bodies and blood. Reminded me of Borderland Beat. Visit to Tepito and Santa Muerta. Hits over the head every few minutes about corruption.

              We all know this exists, but there was no balance. The food - what there was of it - was an after thought. He wanted to make a statement about the dark, seamy underbelly of Mexico. Sectur canNOT be happy with this piece ;-)

              1. re: DiningDiva

                I strongly suspect that it was CNN's agenda, not Bourdain's.

                Link: http;//

                1. re: cristina

                  I think several of us have had that thought. I did as I as watching it.

                  1. re: cristina

                    I think a lot of us suspect that's the case. It definitely crossed my mind as I was watching. If only because it seemed so incongruous with what I know about AB and his fondness for Mexicans and Mexico. That there was an agenda to portray Mexico from a very dark perspective was very clear w/in the first few minutes. It was a little like being bludgeoned with the violence/corruption piece. Nothing subtle about it ;-)

                    If you get a chance to see it, do watch it and form your own opinions. I think you will agree with parts of it and others nor so much.

          2. I agree with the comments above. An awful show concentrating on murder and corruption. Interesting suggestion that it was a CNN agenda.
            The show was particularly aggravating having been paired with his incredible show in Lyon. But again afterwards the thought struck me that it must have been CNN money that paid for the participation of Boulud and Bocuse. On second viewing I was annoyed by Bourdain's fawning attitude instead of his normal behaviour.

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            1. re: mexivilla

              I'm in agreement. His move to CNN and also the networks on those cooking contest shows really shows a changed Tony, in many ways. And Parts Unknown is less and less about food. CNN is suffering ratings and while anxious to bring in more viewers can't seem to let go of the cheap 20/20-Dateline crapola they dish out 24/7; which is why few are watching.

              1. re: crewsweeper

                AB states quite credibly and emphatically to's blog a couple days ago that he alone is responsible for the tone or spin on his programs, without influence from CNN. But clearly he knows what they are looking for, which probably poses a dilemma to him.

                1. re: Veggo

                  Then Tony has sipped the CNN kool aid.