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May 4, 2014 10:32 AM

Palm Beach County closings 2014

Pita Grille in Juno/N. Palm Beach has closed it's doors.

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  1. how disappointing it was one my favorites, especially the lentil soup and greek salad which was my staple.

    i hope they reopen elsewhere although the inside was cleaned out.

    1. Goodbye Bubba Gumps in Jupiter on the inlet.

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      1. re: freakerdude

        I heard it will become a Rustic Inn (Ft Laud).

      2. Bizaare Avenue Café in Lake Worth closed some time ago.

        1. Panama Hattie's and the Rum Bar have closed, possibly to begin clearing for the new megaplex to be built like Harborside in Jupiter. Hopefully nobody will support these City Place like mega structures that are not wanted by most residents in PBG or Jupiter

          1. Cabana on Clematis Street WPB has closed. The Delray location is doing well and remains open. Reported in the PB Post today.The owner sites the location, competing with City Place as the reason, he thinks Clematis should be pedestrianized.

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              Rocco's Taco's has made it in the wake of City Place. CP itself is a revolving door for most restaurants.