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May 4, 2014 07:43 AM

Last Minute Trip- need inexpensive ideas

My sister and I are driving down to NO this coming Wednesday-Sundayam. We need some good local eating places! Price is a factor for us, the trip is on the fly for a family event. We are willing to share but still want a great experience. I have a pretty extensive list started over the last day or two but looking to whittle it down!
Best places for sharing plates?
Best spots for blues music?
If you're going to have one expensive meal, where would it be?

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Best places for sharing plates -- If you mean small plates where you can order and try more, SoBou comes to mind tho it could get pricy. Felix's for chargrilled oysters

    For your splurge I suggest Herbsaint or Peche depending on where you lean (land or sea)

    1. All under $15.00:

      share everything (that's what we just did)

      Willie Maes (fried chicken)

      the Joint (brisket and sides)

      muffaletta or any sandwich at Cochon butcher

      half price pizza 3-6 at Domenica

      $0.50 oysters and the rabbit pate at Lukes with half price wine from 3-6pm.

      cheeseburger and tatertots at clover grill at the end of your night

      hot dog at dat dogs on Frenchmen

      I'm afraid I do not have a good recommendation for inexpensive Creole food... we went to coop's but I wasn't a huge fan, though it is a cheap dive and the gumbo was good/spicy.

      1. LIuzzas on Bienville great family place good prices and the giant frosted saucer of beer. expensive meal Galatoires no doubt about that one. Snug Harbor and the maple leaf pretty good for music.

        1. Best place for sharing plates: Bacchanal. Great live music, too. Huge courtyard. Heaven.

          Best place for blues music: dba. Go see Meschiya Lake if she's performing across the street at the Spotted Cat. (Free, with one drink minimum.)

          Best place for an expensive meal: Lots of options, but I'd vote for Clancy's.

          1. Boucherie is still on the cheaper end of the spectrum and very good. I'd suggest reservations.

            This being the season and all, picking up a few pounds of crawfish and heading to the Fly or Crescent Park makes for a great lunch. The R Bar will have 'em on Friday afternoon too (free but tips are encouraged).

            Also, the kitchen at Siberia is better than it should be and for cheap money -- check out their music schedule. (Of course that's Slavic food ... I can imagine that not jiving with a trip to New Orleans.)

            If you're looking for brunch on the weekend, give Suis Generis a thought. Bottles of wine start at $15 and their pancakes are delicious. (They also have the best bloody mary in town.) No music but no crowds either.

            If you're want to splurge and enjoy sharing, Cochon isn't a bad bet. I tend to sit at the bar and stick to the smaller plates.