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May 4, 2014 07:36 AM


Has anyone tried this yet? I have a BGE I use for pizzas, but this would be faster and allow me to use the Egg for something else at the same time.

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  1. $300 for that? No way.

    1. No. It would end up about $160

      1. That's why we have 2 eggs, so we can do two things at once that require different temps or set ups. Pizza or bread on one and low and slow going on the other for example.

        1. Would love to have two eggs but I have one egg, one napolean, and limited space. I think I will try this. At $160 canadian it costs about as much as one nice dinner for two, and is something to play around with for a while. Going to use it for pizza, focaccia, nachos and other app type stuff.

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          1. Maybe it was the cookware section a few months ago...some guy was getting feedback on a similar sort of sheet metal oven thing. His was a little more shop class looking than this one. Seems a little spendy for what it is