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May 4, 2014 06:24 AM

Any low carb baking ingredients bad for dogs?

I've recently started baking low carb using nut flours, artificial sweeteners, thickeners etc.I know that these two are bad:
I don't think my dog has any nut allergies because she gets here pills daily in peanut butter. I was about to give her some leftover low carb pancakes, made from coconut & almond flours, this morning (yes, I'm guilty of feeding her table scraps) until I remembered about the sweetener warning. Mine were sweetened with Erythritol. Does anyone know what low carb baking ingredients are dangerous for dogs? Please only scientifically proven facts not your opinion or conjecture. If you ever want to start an online riot just ask "What's a good dog food" then duck:)

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  1. z, I would definitely check with my vet on this. I recently found out that zylitol, a non-sugar sweetner, can kill dogs. Not like chocolate that may or may not make it sick. It's HIGHLY toxic.

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      I agree, I would tread very carefully with any of this stuff. My cat eats a lot of "human" food but nothing made specifically for 21st century diets.

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        c oliver: i believe that the correct spelling of the stuff is:


        very very poisonous for dogs

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          You are COMPLETELY correct! Too late to edit so I'm really glad you weighed in. It really frightened me when I found this out cause the tin was easily reachable in my handbag and this dog will search out anything. (You should have seen the floor when she went after a bag of rice flour!)

      2. Check with your vet before feeding your dog any non-dog food. A quick phone call...not worth the risk.

        1. No artificial sweeteners for dogs. Worse case scenario can kill them (xylitol) and others (like saccharine) can and do cause profuse diarrhea.

          I agree with fldhkybnva, who said it well...scraps of omelet or chicken or a string bean, si. Artificial stuff, no.

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            I think she described it well. We have an older dog that we're trying to get some weight on. Her 'supplements' are chicken, chicken stock, 4% fat cottage, rice and a high quality stew-type dog food.

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              Sounds like my Ben, who is an old man :-) He'd love the diet you describe!

              1. re: pinehurst

                She's a soon-to-be 15y.o. Puli who went from 32 to 26# in a year. Lab work and teeth are good so vet okayed this regimen. She's A LOT more interested than the previous years of kibble only :)