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May 4, 2014 06:20 AM

Taqueria Sabrosita

I've lived a couple miles from here for 10 years or so and just went last week, two days in a row. great spot for breakfast, three kinds of beef barbacoa, lamb barbacoa, and all the rest, all on great house made corn tortillas. northeast corner-ish of rundberg and lamar in the strip mall. they sell their house made creamy jalapeno salsa too - it's the stuff of dreams. the service has been outstanding - complete with telemundo pumping from the flat screen. i recommend the beef barbacoa from the shoulder as a pretty unique, roast beefy sort of treat. and their migas made with the house made fried corn tortillas are delicious if you like a high tortilla to egg ratio version.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed description and the photographs. Those tortillas look so awesome....a reason to go just because of them.

    Price point?

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      definitely cheap - last time my three ham egg and cheese tacos and her migas plate with beans and papas (they actually serve tater tots for breakfast potatoes) totaled 11 bucks. their tortilla equipment running in the morning pumping out tortillas is fun to watch and easy to see. the kids may enjoy that.

    2. That picture doesn't look like anywhere near Lamar and Rundberg.

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        oh crap Sqwertz, I meant 35 and Rundberg. Thanks for the correction. And actually it's a small parking lot east of the corner on the north side.