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Dart Bowl Enchiladas

I've had these enchiladas a number of times. Four or five times over the past year were disappointing. However, I went a couple of weeks ago to a children's birfday party and ordered them.....the enchiladas were off the chart good (considering the style and cuisine). Had a friend say "it depends on who is in the kitchen that day." Not sure if that source was in the know or just talking BS. It could just be general inconsistency. Any insight on this?

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  1. i admire your tenacity. i'm not sure i would have made it to a 6th serving after 4-5 bummers

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      Well, I keep ending up there for kids bowling parties. I've only had one that was not good, the others were medium, and the last one was like the old days! I'm sure I'll succumb and order them again next time. We'll see what happens. I love cheese enchiladas with a chili con carne sauce.....theirs has some sort of special flavor that drives me nuts when it is good.....

    2. No insights, just a memory.
      It has been about 10 years, but I used to live within walking distance of the Dart Bowl. One of my guilty pleasures was the Dart Bowl enchiladas. I also liked the burgers with the hand-cut fries.

      1. Maybe there is one cook who does them well. I will tell you after 20 years of living in Austin and always wondering about Dart Bowl's enchiladas, I finally went. It was bad. Just bad. I'd never go back.

        1. I've had them a couple times and have always loved them. The times you had them and thought they were bad, what was it that turned you off? Just curious – I feel like I have to use a different sort of criteria to judge DB's enchiladas than I do for most food. It's sort of like Waffle House or something for me – greasy and wrong in so many ways, yet f'n delicious. I've been meaning to go back but just never go bowling there because it's always so damn packed.

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            I know that you are asking ridgeback, but for me, the times that they were "just okay" was when they didn't have "that flavor" that I adore when they are great. I was starting to think that the flavor was gone forever. Some foods force me to make a deep grunting sound (source of "gruntled," antonym of "disgruntled"), I don't know what that flavor is. i cannot identify it.

            It's hard to get a lane at DB anymore. You'd think that bowling would fall out of favor and become an anachronism, but it's full on there.

          2. I saw that there's a cookbook out by Robb Walsh that has the recipe for "Dart Bowl Enchiladas". foiegrashotdog.com

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              I'd be interested in seeing that recipe. The book sounds great....I'll check at Half Price to see if I can score it.

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                it is a great book indeed. lots of the food he serves at El Real in Houston came from the research for it.

            2. We tried going for enchiladas once... ordered... waited 45 minutes... kids got crabbier and crabbier and there was no sign of even our drinks... we laughed and said never again. I think of them as mythical enchiladas, because for me, they never existed.