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May 4, 2014 05:19 AM

Looking for advice on New Jersey

If you flew into Newark, in what NJ town would you stay for the best eats/shopping/lodging? Any great restaurants within a 30-minute drive of Newark without heading into NYC?

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  1. If you extend your range by 15 minutes you can go to Nicholas:

    And Red Bank is certainly one of those NJ towns that would be on your short list for a stay.

    If you stay in Red Bank, I would make another 30 minute drive to Asbury Park the next day for lunch and shopping and go to Porta:

    As for your other options, perhaps Curlz or one of our other North NJ regulars will post with suggestions.

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      1. re: Iruntoeat

        If Red Bank is within your radius, then Princeton is also worth considering. Plenty of hotels on Route 1, and just a couple minutes drive to downtown with shops and eateries abound.

      2. re: seal

        I have only been to Asbury Park mostly for food but what are there shopping wise?
        There are a few stores on the broadwalk and I know there are a few on Cookman Ave. Is that pretty much it?
        Just wondering if there are parts of AP that I am not aware of.

      3. Montclair is well within 30 minutes of Newark.

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          Agreed. Montclair fits the bill. Nearest lodging is in West Orange.

        2. New Jersey has many shopping malls with all the best could easily stay in Bergen, Essex or Hudson counties that meet your criteria.

          1. What kind of eating and shopping are you looking for? Upscale for both? Ethnic food?

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            1. re: Curlz

              Yes, upscale - thank you for helping. Am meeting a friend who is there helping an ill family member and trying to lift her spirits on her birthday. Sushi, cocktails, Thai, fresh organic are all things we both love. Thanks to all for your suggestions!

              1. re: Curlz

                Really. Do you have to fly across country to go to a shopping mall?

              2. You should drive 20mins to the Short Hills Hilton, shop at the Mall, and eat at Serenade or Scalini Fideli in Chatham.

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                1. re: coldbeer

                  Seconding Short Hills Mall, majorly seconding Scalini Fideli.