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May 3, 2014 10:30 PM

Celestial Seasonings Pelican Punch Tea

I've been wanting this tea, Mom gave it to me as a kid in the 70s. Celestial Seasonings doesn't make it anymore :( - anyone know of something similar? It was really good, had carob I think, and anise.

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  1. I think the magic ingredient was malt rather than carob. My son used to love the stuff when he was little; that was in the 80s. I liked it myself, and have never found anything even remotely similar.

    I notice the package says, "English style." I'm wondering whether the Brits might have a tradition of malt tea that isn't well known on this side of the pond. Perhaps there's something similar to be found over there if one knew whom to ask...

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      Thanks for the info eclectic. Malt? Interesting. I had a Russian soft drink last weekend, Kvass (maybe very slightly alcoholic, tangy), we concluded it tasted exactly like prune juice a bit fizzed up, but the ingredient was malted barley.

    2. I found this on wikipedia; apparently malt teas are popular in Asia as well as Britain.

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        Thanks! I will check out malt tea. Though, Pelican punch was nothing like Postum, which I think might be a malted-tea sort of thing. Mom fed me that too! I remember Postum being okay but not especially wonderful.

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          Just a late followup- Postum was made from roasted chicory root, which was itself a popular homemade coffee substitute during the war years.

      2. Have you tried contacting Celestial Seasonings to ask if they will give you a list of ingredients (or suggest another variety of CS tea)? Here's a link to the contact page:

        1. intriguing! i'd contact CS online to inquire.

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            I did email celestial seasonings a while back, a year ago or so - I got back a rather unsatisfying form letter inviting me to try their mandarin orange tea. Apparently they have no interest in reviving it or telling me what was in it (the latter isn't too surprising, I am sure the ingredients are a trade secret even if they don't make it now).

          2. I asked Celestial Seasonings about Pelican Punch several years ago. Here is the important part of their reply:

            "...The exact amounts of the ingredients in our products are proprietary inforamtion. However, the ingredients in Pelican Punch are: Peppermint leaves, roasted barley malt, chamomile flowers, roasted carob, foenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, and natural vanilla flavor."

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