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May 3, 2014 08:03 PM

30th Birthday Idea- Tasting Menu on the cheap?

Hi! It's about to be my 30th and I'm a foodie on a pretty tight budget. Now, it'll be my 30th, so I'm okay to splurge, but my friends are split about half and half.

Can anyone recommend a great chefs tasting menu around the 50$ mark? I know natural selections could be a good option- however, it is vegan, and on my birthday, I'd love to eat meat.

If not that- than maybe a great fancy restaurant for happy hour? I'd love something that is fun, young, but still feels special. Any recomendations are more than welcome! (the day is on a wednesday...)

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  1. Racion - 5 course tasting menu for $55

    1. You could go to Paley's and do a create your own tasting menu out of the salads and half portion item menus (basically everything on their menu can be had in a half portion providing that it can be logistically accomplished) which probably get you 4 to 5 courses depending on your selections. Racion is an excellent suggestion.

      1. Racion is definitely what you want. Anthony Cafiero is a fantastic chef and the food is inventive and are the drinks. And you can then walk over to the Pepe Le Moko bar under Clyde Common for a dessert cocktail. That's a great birthday evening, for sure.

        FYI - If it wasn't a Wed., I would definitely recommend Boxer Sushi (killer omakase for $45) - a very delicious and fun experience.

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          Awesome suggestions! Thanks all! I was thinking toro bravo- but now perhaps I'll have I check out racion! I appreciate the help!

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            Uptown Billiards Club $36 for 5 courses, matching wine fleet $25