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May 3, 2014 07:41 PM

Vegetarian in Rio/Buzios


My wife and I are leaving Sunday for a week-long vacation in Brazil, 3 days each in Buzios and Rio de Janeiro. Any Brazil experts have recommendations for great vegetarian restaurants? Any price range is fine, we know our options are limited. Doesn't have to be a veggie-only place either, just a place with a good veggie dish or two.


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  1. "Kilo" places (where you pay by the weight) can be anywhere from okay to very good. Central Buzios is very sophisticated/touristy so I'm betting you can satisfy yourselves. Yes, Rio is meat-centric but I don't think you'll have a particular problem. Sorry I can't be more specific. You'll have a great time!

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      Thanks for the quick response! Any "kilo" restaurants known to be especially good for vegetarians? Any other favorite Italian, Asian, etc. restaurants that may be veggie-friendly?

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        I'd forget Asian. If you're in Leblon, check out Quadrucci:

        I'm honestly the wrong one to ask :) Major carnivore.

        Have you been to Rio before? You'll love it. Nicest people I've ever met.