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May 3, 2014 02:35 PM

Pig Roast/BBQ catering (Saratoga Springs)

Looking for a caterer for a casual backyard party. I'm thinking BBQ or pig roast for dramatic effect.

Any Saratoga-area hounds with a rec in this area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't speak to whether or not they are good -- as I haven't been there in years, but I am sure some of the locals can -- but I think PJ's does catering.

    There's also Memphis Smoke House and Saratoga BBQ Catering -- but I have not been to/used either.

    Good luck.

    1. Here are three suggestions. They all have web sites, but I'm having trouble inserting them in this reply. All can be found with the usual Google search.

      The Country Kettle about a mile and a half west of Saratoga. They do BBQ at the restaurant, but don't know if they cater.

      PJ's BBQ about two miles south of Saratoga. They do catering.

      Giffy's BBQ in Clifton Park, 7-8 miles South of Saratoga. They also do catering.

      1. Just to follow up on my earlier reply, since I just saw another poster's reply. Memphis Smoke House is no longer in business. Don't know anything about Saratoga BBQ catering at all. As far as PJ's BBQ, I have been underwhelmed the few times I have eaten their BBQ.

        1. Thanks ELA and trakman. I also tried contacting Capital City BBQ, but no answer. And I agree that PJ's is hit or miss. Also have had Giffy's and IMO it is not great for the price.

          If i give up on the BBQ - any suggestions for other catering that would be suitable for a backyard party?

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            Park Side Eatery does great smoked meats, and does catering, so it seems to me they might do a pig roast. They're basically caterers and smokers who have opened a (very good) deli. Give 'em a try. .

            1. re: PSZaas

              Tried their pastrami sandwich as a takeout, and the meat was so salty it was inedible. Maybe I just hit a bad batch. They did get reviewed in our Capital District Times Union.


              Good luck. I would try a sample or two before making a commitment

              1. re: trakman

                I had the opposite experience, although now I usually get the brisket. The poster might also try the Iron Pig, in South Glens Falls. But the Park Side Eatery is already set up for catering.

          2. Just thought I'd provide an update: we used Hattie's for our party. Ordered fried chicken, jambalaya, and Mac n cheese (plus some other sides). It was fantastic and we got nothing but raves from all the partygoers. Big thumbs up!

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            1. re: bdegregory

              You can never go wrong with Hatties. Did you go to their restaurant, or did they cater it at your location? If they catered it at your place, that certainly adds them to the list of good catering options.

              1. re: trakman

                They do full service catering. For our event we did a drop off order (Chef Jasper himself delivered).