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May 3, 2014 01:55 PM

St Elder? Made right here in Somerville, Ma

A friend told me about an elderflower liqueur made practically next door to me. I googled and indeed it is made in Somerville, Ma. I called my regular liquor store and he is ordering me a bottle, retail is $15.99.

In the mean time has anyone tried it and care to offer a comparison to St Germaine? I love St Germaine but at over $30 a bottle it can get pricey since all my regular guest love it too, LOL.

article about it:

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  1. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts too. I never heard about it until now.

    1. I have it and while I don't have a bottle of St Germain open at the same time, it seems like a high quality representation of the elderflower category. It is certainly priced right.

      I used it just the other night in an inverted Bitter Elder:

      2 oz Campari
      1/2 oz gin (Navy strength, if possible)
      1/2 oz Elderflower (St Elder)
      1 oz lime (to taste -- I added a little more)

      Very nice


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      1. re: EvergreenDan

        I may have to see about having a MA friend get me a bottle to try.

        1. re: EvergreenDan

          Thanks Dan. My guy hopes to have it in later this week. I'll do a side by side comparison and report back.

        2. We have both at work, and the St. Elder subbed in for St. Germain in one of the house originals. In the mix, you can't tell the difference. I think that there are some more elegant fruit notes in the St. G, but both have the same floral and overall feel.

          At my local store (where the inventory and prices are online), St. Germain is $37 to St. Elder's $15.

          I think the extra $22 is the marketing in the bottle, fake story about the bohemians and bicycles, etc. besides paying for the groundwork to get elderflower liqueurs so hot. Although now it's all making Bacardi rich for they bought the brand... Locally, it went from a brand that had a dedicated rep who threw events and mustered up loyalty, to one that people are more ambivalent about. Plus, St. Elder is made right here too.

          1. So we did a blind taste test last night. Overall the two are very comparable. It s was only in the side by taste "raw" taste was I able to distinguish notable difference. My SIL did the set ups

            Straight Up:
            St Germaine, was slightly sweeter and more floral. Very delicate in flavor. I identified this as St G right away. St Elder while also floral and delicate but had a noticeable, albeit slight alcohol taste. Very minor but you got that slightly raw alcohol burn that dissipated quickly.

            Tonight we tasted the following-

            Cucumber Cooler:
            Virtually no difference between the two. We muddled mint and cucumber, added Hendricks, a splash of ST G in one, St E in the other along with a splash of seltzer. I couldn't tell the difference.

            Overall I say St Elder wins. The price far outweighs the slight variation is taste when drinking straight. Plus I like supporting the local economy!