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May 3, 2014 01:47 PM

family friendly establishments

Heading to Philadelphia for a weekend in May with my family. My husband and I appreciated great food, yet our 6 & 8 year old kids will be with us. We will be staying at the Marriot Downtown Hotel. Any restaurant/eatery recommendations for a family of four heading to a Upenn reunion?????? Thanks in advance. fyi my kids love their palate is not limited to mac n cheese!!

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  1. Since you mentioned mussels, you're staying fairly close to Monk's, which has a nice selection of mussel preparations.

    1. Definitely hit the Reading Terminal Market. And, if you're here the 17-18th, the Italian Market Festival is going on as well.

      Near your hotel, the 13th St corridor has good pics for all ages (Zavino, Barbuzzo, Lolita, El Vez). Keep in mind that with the number of graduations, festivals, reunions, etc, May weekends are busy restaurant weekends and unless you're eating early, it might be good to make a reservation.

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        no kidding on the rezzie tip....most places are fully booked! we will try and go early to do a "walk-in"...thanks!!

      2. Depending on how adventurous your children are, you might enjoy Rangoon on 9th St in Chinatown.

        My daughter liked it as a little one. Food is Burmese which echoes of Chinese, Thai, Indian, and je ne sais quoi.

        In addition to being family friendly and reasonably priced, they have a liquor license if you want an adult beverage.

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          Agreed. Rangoon is an excellent suggestion. We've been going since my kids were tiny, and it is one of their favorite restaurants. I always bring out of town guests there, and they always rave about it.

        2. Easily I'd recommend Parc, which is scenic, kid-friendly, and has good muscles. :) I know we take our two little ones there, and the staff is always super accommodating.

          Another place oddly I have found kids like is Dandelion. It is a British gastropub, but I don't know if it's the pictures of the dogs on the walls or the overall friendly vibe of the place, but I have good experiences.

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            Yes, most of the Starr restaurants are good with kids. We've also been recently to both Parc and Dandelion with kids with great success. In addition, El Vez, which is closer to your hotel, is a good option if you like Mexican.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Ha! You are right, I didn't. Two reasons:

                  1. As I have frequently posted, Jones is not really any more kid-friendly than anyplace else, despite the fact that people often say so. It is nostalgic kid food made for adults. My kids have never much liked it there.

                  2. I completely forgot about it.

                  The OP can make what she wants of that.

                  1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                    Agree that kids are fine in most Starr Restos. Do hit Reading Terminal and also the kids may like Franklin Fountain in Old CIty (a nostalgic ice cream joint). You could also take them to Zavino which is a few blocks down 13th St. and also now has a location near UPenn.