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May 3, 2014 12:51 PM

Food for a soft diet? Help!!!

I am going to be on a soft diet for about a year, and am already sick and tired of just eating apple sauce, peanut butter, nutritional drinks, and soup. I need ideas to shake it up.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If you search for posts here on wisdom teeth and soft foods there are some great ideas.
    These threads have a lot of suggestions too:

    1. Can you have well cooked grains, porridges, savory rice puddings, refriedbeans, well cooked and mashed potato, sweet potato, carrots, celeriac, rutabaga?

      1. Scrambled eggs with cream cheese added ok for you, cooked gently?

        So you like fish, like sole or flounder?

        So much of what's soft is low in protein, so that's my focus, but these things can be mixed with your preferred soft carb sources.

        I love omelets made with shredded cheese and roasted ratatouille filling, all of which are soft, but stewed veggies or even jarred caponata could work.

        If you're a pasta lover, I always loved pastina with cottage cheese as a kid when I was sick.

        Also, Fage Greek yogurt has a goodly amount of protein, full fat is a treat, but I tend to buy the 2% for best flavor and texture. You could add soft bits of ripe fruit, like maybe nectarine or peach, skinned if that helps you.

        Whatever the reason, I hope the year goes fast and all is well.