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Kailash Parbat - first US branch of a Mumbai restaurant chain

Tried this newly opened place in the "Curry Hill" area yesterday. It's the first US branch of a Mumbai-based chain. The menu is entirely vegetarian, with a page focused on street food dishes like pani puri, dahi puri, etc., main courses, and even Indo-Chinese food. The server informed us there is also a special menu for people who do not eat root vegetables.

We ordered the chaat platter (pictured), ragda pattice (chickpea curry with potato patties), and the dum biryani. I enjoyed the chaat platter; it's a fairly unique thing to find in NY Indian restaurants. I was a bit disappointed with the biryani, but mostly because I prefer meat biryani and didn't much like the carrots and cauliflower in this one - as far as vegetarian food goes it wasn't bad.

Overall I liked the food, but I think I could have picked better than the fairly generic items I ordered - they seem to specialize in Sindhi food, which I'm completely unfamiliar with. I noticed a lot of interesting sounding items on the menu that you can't normally find in NY Indian restaurants, including some that are only served at Sunday lunch. I'd definitely come back to try more. Their US website is under construction, but the menu on their Singapore branch is very similar, minus the European food section.


Kailash Parbat
NE corner of Lex & 27

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  1. Thanks a lot for the report.

    1. Hadn't heard about this opening. Thanks so much for this.

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        you should definitely check it out - especially the sindhi part of the menu. sindhi kadi, alu tikkis very moreish. also pav bhaji, hopefully a decent version. and ragda pattice, chole bhature. golgappas. arrgh.

      2. Thanks for the report! Please update with anything else you try- i'm within their delivery zone and veg so i'll try them soon myself!
        Menupages has the menu:

        1. Would the non-root-vegetable part of the menu be catering to Jain dietary restrictions?

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          1. Thanks—I was looking forward to knocking myself out with what the Singapore menu calls Bread Concussions, but here it seems they're just called sandwiches. Might be something like the chutney-on-white-bread chaats that have turned up in Queens.

            There's a press release at http://benvenutipr.com/blog/?p=339. Amid the flackery there's also some useful info.

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              Guessing they meant "Bread Concoctions"
              My kids and husband love pointing out all the similarly ridiculous errors on English menus and signage when we visit India - and there is a lot of really funny stuff!

            2. How does it compare to the other chaat places in Manhattan or Queens, for those that have tried?

              Sounds promising, hopefully it'll kick things up a notch in the city.

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                Three of us went last weekend and we were highly disappointed. Even the Sindhi dishes that I've never tried before didn't seem distinctive enough to generate any enthusiasm. The chats were tepid (we got the sampler). The koki, a spiced roti with almost indiscernible pickle (and dahi) had an interesting texture and was pretty good at sopping up gravies from other dishes. Biriani was bland and undistinguished. We had several curries, our favorite was a dry potato and okra combo. But none of this was superior to similar fare at, say Chennai Garden or Saravanaas.

                Maybe we ordered wrong. When we got there, the place was near-empty, but by 8 or so on a Friday, it was packed. Service was a work in progress, but this might be attributable to its newness.

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                    how sad! did you get the alu tikkis? terrible if they messed those up.

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                      We didn't.

                      Have you tried this restaurant chain in India? I can't prove it, but it seemed like the crowd was mostly recent ex-pats.

                      And Lau, I think you should try it. Might have been an off-night or maybe we ordered wrong.

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                        ok ill give it a whirl at some point, i like this kind of food, i spent almost a month in mumbai visiting my freshman year college roommate

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                          indeed yes in mumbai (in the early '80's).