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May 3, 2014 08:25 AM

A week in a Greve Villa. restaurants and markets??

This July dor a special birthday the family is staying at villa in Greve for a week. We are planning on some home cooking exploring the local markets and also eating out. When last in Florence we had a great meal at I Dui G, the florentine steak and their signature green green rissoto, spinach and gorgonzola, were memorable.
We will be in Florence and Sienna each for a day and plane on dinner.
We will have a meal in Radda at Darrio Cecchini's place.
Suggestions would be welcome? We have cars and like driving.

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  1. Be sure to visit the Macelleria Falorni butcher shop on the main square in Greve. Buy a jar of their "Aroma Speciale" seasoning to take home as a souvenir.

    Otherwise, I suggest using the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page to search for all the cities and towns you are thinking of visiting. You will find hundreds of helpful suggestions already here for you to review.

    1. Il Ristoro di Lamole is a short (but very twisty!) drive from Greve.
      In Castellina, look at Albergaccio di Castellina which is excellent for a higher end version of a rustic Tuscan meal. The pizzeria il Fondaccio in the centre of Castellina is good and has an excellent selection of well priced Chiantis.
      Near Gaiole, Osteria del Castello in Brolio is good for modernised dishes and Malborghetto serves excellent rustic cuisine.
      Michelin starred but still fairly informal La Bottega del 30 is near to Castelnouvo Berardenga.
      Note that driving will take a bit longer than you would expect when looking at a map - the roads are very bendy and progress is slow (but mostly spectacular).

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        Thanks for your comments. Il Ristoro di Lamole is a name that keeps in coming up. Albergaccio in Castelinna also looks very enticing and appears to be a more uspscale place, is that correct? I take it both are good, the views from the Albergaccio patio look like a postcard perfect Tuscan countryside. Will decide in the next few weeks, agian thanks.
        We were also thinking of having lunch while in Siena at
        Osteria le Logge any thoughts? Have you been there?

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          The Albergaccio is upscale and has a Michelin star. That said, it is very much more relaxed than most starred places in cities would be, and the cooking is refined versions of traditional dishes without any modernist elements. Lunch on the patio is a lovely treat.
          I can't help with your Sienna choice I'm afraid.